post effect of electrolysis

On Friday (8/29) I had my first treatment with electrolysis and laser (on my face - chin/neck, side burns and upper lip (laser only)). My concern is that where I had electrolysis is very bumpy and yucky looking . Now I had electrolysis many years ago (8 or so) and went many many times for months and months (maybe a year) and basically gave up - was not getting results I thought I should. However I NEVER had the bumps and just overall tenderness that I have now. The lady doing this told me to ‘baby’ this area (chin/neck) for the next few days. Which I have and its doing better. But does it have to be like this to be effective - I am thinking so since my last treatments did not seem to be effective. The lady doing it said I had very ‘course’ whiskers and she had to use a high setting. does this sound normal? Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue: