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Hi. I’m new to the board.
I am TS and have had well over 130 hours of electrolysis on my face and neck. I am not completely satisfied with the results. For one thing, I have a few wrinkles near my mouth that I am sure are from electrolysis because I did not have them prior to beginning treatment.
Another concern is difficult to describe. When I look in the mirror, the area where the beard once was does not look the same as the rest of my face. It looks like it is a slightly different color and, if you look close enough, my pores are bigger there than the rest of my face.

I still have some hair growth, though it is way less than when I started a couple years ago.

My question is: is this a normal thing that will eventually go away or should I be concerned? After I go a few months without any treatment and the remaining course hairs are removed, will post-beard area look the same as my cheeks and the rest of my face?


If you have good work done, everything evens out and looks uniform when you are done.

Since you are used to seeing your pores filled with hair, you have no point of proper reference as to how they should look when they are empty. I would not worry about that either.

The only thing you have said that I worry about is the wrinkling. When an area is overtreated, wrinkling is a possible after effect because the skin is collapsing. If this were the case, however, you would also notice scabbing and pitting as well.

At TS getting to full permanent hair removal with no further treatments needed usually takes more than twice what you have had done, but you should be at a point where most if not all your face is kept clear now, and you should be getting to the poing where your cheeks and the ball of your chin match in both color and consistency if that has not already happened.

Once you get hair removal and can cease shaving, your skin does change in both color and texture because it no longer is constantly injured by shaving, nor irritated by the rather violent process of hair eruption.

Wow, James. Thank you for the prompt reply.

I have been getting my treatment from Lucy Peters because my friend went to several places and liked them the best. They are very expensive, which is a major challenge. My credit card company loves that I go to Lucy Peters.

Anyway, it is possible that the wrinkles are just natural since I am 30 now. It is the inconsistency in the color and texture of my face that bothers me.

When will this end? I’ve had over 130 hours and I am only going every 6 weeks now. I feel like it will never end.

If you have gone from weekly appointments to every 6 weeks because you are getting cleared every time, and you don’t have any noticeable hair until at least 3 weeks after treatment, then you are doing fine, and it will in fact end.

It sounds like the wrinkles are not from treatment, but I would have to see you in order to know for sure. If you smoke, quit now and watch the wrinkles fade away. Drink your water, and eat right.

Just keep in mind that there was once a time when you could have had hair removal every day on your face for a week, and maybe not be finished.

You can be done in the next 6 to 12 months depending on how you space your appointments and how long they are.

I thought there were a few listings of people on this site that are less expensive than Lucy Peters who are also good practitioners. If cost is a problem, look into this and let us know how things turn out.

James – just wondering about that “you should have no noticeable hair for 3 weeks” statement. Is it the case that any area, when properly fully cleared, should have no noticeable hair for 3 weeks? Or is that only once you are well into treatment? What does it mean if you get some hairs within say, 1 week? That the treatment is being ineffective?


Let’s be clear here. You have hairs that are under the surface, and working their way up, so even if your face is totally cleared on, say, Monday, you will have hairs that are coming up above the surface as soon as Tuesday. You will have a few hairs the next week, but when I say that you should not have visible hair for 3 weeks, I am saying that you should have nothing approaching what you started with for at least 3 weeks, because it would take that long for enough hairs to come into phase and erupt above the skin’s surface line.

Now if you look like you did before you had work done in 2 weeks, you have a lot of broken hairs that are just working their way back up the hair shaft.

I hope this is understandable.