Post-Chest Hair/Abdomen Hair Removal Issues

Hi All,

It has taken me a long time to muster up the guts to post my story but I am out of thoughts about how to improve my situation and am hoping that someone out there can help.

So here’s my story. I am 28 years old and from age 16-22 was very embarrassed about my hair (I had thick male body hair on most parts of my body). Unfortunately, I became over-analytical about my body image and correlated my perceived lack of success with women with my body hair (couldn’t be farther from the truth - confidence was the real issue). Anyhow, I had 6-7 laser treatments completed without any impact on my chest and stomach. On the last laser treatment, I decided to seek a new clinic and laser. The last treatment worked. Half-way through the treatment (total time = 10 minutes) the practitioner said to me she liked guys with chest hair and I had the biggest “a ha” moment of my life when I realized that I was solving the wrong problem. While most of my hair grew back, it did not fully grow back and has caused me tremendous pain, remorse, and irritation since.

From that point on (5.5 years ago), I have had terrible remorse for changing my natural self. Furthermore, I have physical irritation all along my chest and stomach. Also, if you look closely enough, it is clear that it is not the natural hair line that I once had.

Disclaimer, I realize that we are tremendously fortunate to live in America and a problem such as this is insignificant compared to the problems people face around the world. However, this is an emotional issue that I have and I am wondering if anyone has a similar story. I think the regret can be tied to realizing that I had what I wanted all along and then got rid of it before I knew it.

Has anyone had success in regrowing their hair? If not, has anyone had success in removing the irritation issues associated with laser hair treatment?

Did you hair became ingrown for five years after LHR?
What do you mean by physical irritation? Ingrown hairs?

Hi ekade,

Thanks for your question. My hair became thinner in certain areas, but not others. I do not have ingrown hairs but I can feel a physical sensation most of the day. I realize this is not the best description of how I feel but hopefully it helps. The hair feels different as well and my chest and stomach are more susceptible to pain at the follicle start point.

Oh my! For five years after Laser hair removal you feel a physical sensation most of the day? And there is no visible inflammations or bumps on your skin?
Did you go to the doctor?