(possibly) bad session. any input?

just has a session with my electro… she’s usually great, this was the first time i did two hours though. i havent had little pitty scab craters like this before. is this going tk heal alright? as long as itll be better eventually i dont care how long it takes to heal :frowning:

You titled this thread correctly. This is not a good electrolysis outcome. Those areas will scab. Do not pick off the scabs. Perhaps you could call her and ask if you can come by to show her this outcome, so this is NOT REPEATED. Make sure you heal completely before you commence with further treatment.

Has she ever done a two hour session before on your upper lip?

Do you feel comfortable sharing her name /location ? it might be good to know who is out there in the hair removal business !

I would not encourage this on the open forum.

Oye! Yes, of course, I agree totally with Dee Dee.

That UPPER LIP! This is a very special area on the face/body: a flap of skin that is not supported by “deep tissue” collateral blood (unlike, say, the back with an abundant blood). I do not EVER clear-off the upper lip (I know some do and they seem to do a good job of it? I’m not being critical of someone else’s strategy … CD)

Dee Dee’s recommendations are, as always, spot on. I would add: try to keep the area moist with something that will not dry on the skin … at least right now (later you can try other products).

If you can find a product rich in copper polypeptides … put that on. Right now is when it will do some good.

The thing is … there is NO other more important feature of the face than the upper lip. Doesn’t it make sense to always take the maximum care and safety with this very vulnerable area? Always error on the side of “paranoid caution!” I’m paranoid just looking at your photos … I often get emotional when I see this sort of thing.

Sorry for asking ,I understand completely. I guess it just triggered my own stuff, and my own frustrations with witnessing work of a "questionable " quality.
Michael, can you reccomend any products available that are rich in
copper peptides ? Thank you.

it looks like its going to heal just fine. we didnt do a complete clear. others ive spoke to say that occasionally happens even with good treatment. its the fourth time or so ive gotten my lip done. might not know for a while though, sometimes it takes five months for the after effects of a pimple to completely disppear with my skin.

this was almost certainly caused by my extremelh thick follicle sheathes. im trying not be to paranoid (i have major anxiety issues with evvvverything that could go wrong ever) but i think its gonna be okay. it already just looks way better.

im totally looking in to these products though.

How is it looking right now?

Any pics?