possible to reduce the hairgrowth with 30-50%

I am a young man and new in this forum and have been fighting with my hairgrowth for years. The main problem is my legs…especially the upper part, where I would like to reduce the amount of hair with 30 to 50%…I am not looking for a total removal for the hair I have on my legs…but I thought that you might have come across a lotion that have made you lose some hair without being able to remove it all???.

If not is there any depilators that removes the hair for a longer period of time…so you can walk around without thinking of waxing for a couple of weeks?

But my main concern is anyway to reduce my amount of hair on my legs with 30 to 50%…any help???

Laser is probably the best method to thin the hair out in an area, if you can find a good practitioner. Just stop treatments when you are satisfied with the amount of hair reduction. Three or four treatmenst may be enough. Your hair must be darker than your skin for laser to be effective.


Some men find trimming the hair with clippers down to half an inch or so give the appearance and feel of less hair. If you want to remove it roots and all, you can have alittle more control with a rotary epilator (lasts as long as waxing, but hurts on inner thighs).

If you have light skin and dark hair, RJC’s suggestion of laser may be a good option too. Be sure to go to someone good. Some men with a lot of patience have used electrolysis because of the precision of getting one hair ata atime. For many, this is too tedious on a large area.