Possible eye injury from laser hair removal??? Anyone who had laser done? RJC2001?

I had laser hair removal over a week ago. It was done on my upper lip and chin by a technician. The laser machine is either a LightSheer or Aurora (an IPL), I’m not sure exactly which was used on me. I wore a mini opaque black plastic goggle (black inside and out), it fitted well. But during treatment, with the goggle on and eyelids shut, I still saw red light coming through.

Few days later, I feel heat sensation in the eyes and decline vision. My question is: is it normal for red beam to pass through the goggle? I saw it even with the eyes closed everytime the laser zapped. Or is this just in my head (about vision decline thing)?

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</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Originally posted by eye_questions:
My question is: is it normal for red beam to pass through the goggle? I saw it even with the eyes closed everytime the laser zapped. Or is this just in my head (about decline vision)?</strong></font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>No. A good goggle (i.e. a filter) should filter out the light beam. Unless they gave you the wrong goggle OR the gap between your skin and goggle.
Actually, you can also put one or two piece of paper in between (your eyes and the laser) to filter out light beam.

i would go to the eye doctor asap!

Thank you Ants and Butterfly, have you had laser done also? Anyone who had (extensive) laser done please shares, especially with LightSheer or Aurora (an IPL), I’m not exactly sure which one they used on me. RJC2001, Redhead, Andrea still around? This is important, because it will affect my decision whether to go back or not.

The goggle seemed to fit well, but I saw red light from front penetration. My vision seems to return to normal a bit, but if seeing red light during treatment is not normal or safe, I will definitely go to another place next time or just quit. The eye is no joking matter! Thanks in advance for anyone sharing their laser experience.

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The filters for 810nm are not black.

Light does scatter through the skin and it is not unusual for a patient to notice some colour when treated around the eyes - but this is not direct and it is not threatening.

It sounds as if you wore goggles often given in tanning parlours - quite inadequate for your purpose and actually illegal.


(I’m sorry I had to edit my previous posts to insert the Aurora info I now recall, I just want this whole issue to be crystal clear, get it off the chest and be correctly informed instead of worrying sick, and take a good next step.)

Thanks Derm1, everyone so far says it is not good to see the light. They also have Aurora, an IPL flashlamp. During the visit, they were hurried and just wanted to make a quick buck. Without telling from them, I’m not quite sure which one–LightSheer or Aurora–they used on me. Would it make the difference? My point: would it be normal to see red light should Aurora used on me instead of LightSheer? (however unlikely it was, I think.)

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I don’t recall the light I saw as being red, but when he treated the areas up high on my cheekbones, I definitely had the sensation of light in my eye. As Derm1 stated, it was not direct, and when I mentioned to my Doctor that I could see light, even with my eyes closed and with goggles on, he told me it was O.K. I trust my Doctor, and I ask questions all the time. If you feel suspicious about anything, and don’t feel you can have a dialog with your Doctor (as equals!) then maybe you want to go elseware. I say again, I SAW LIGHT, but since I’m not you, I can’t say for sure what you experienced was neglegance or what. Just seeing light is not detrimental, and you could be being a bit of a hypochondriac. On the other hand if you still feel a physical sensation in your eyes or feel that the Doctor is not trustworthy, then you need to go to an Eye Doctor and let him take a look at you. I’m just a consumer, and by no means an expert.

The light you saw was most likely the timing light that visibly informs the laser technichian that the pulse has occured. The lightsheer is not a visible (800nm)red light. I have had large numbers of laser treatment sessions and this light flashing is visible through the protective goggles.
The lightsheer uses both a beeping sound and this flashing light to signify that a laser pulse has occured.
These type of semi visible goggles will not or should not be used if treatment is occuring on the face, instead close fitting eye covers would be used to prevent any possibility of injury from the laser pulse.
If you are experiencing eye problems for any reason you should go see an eye specialist.


My eye sight recovered. Redhead, Balius, I guess you guys are right. That red light might be normal signal used for the procedure and my temporary vision decline might be due to something else. I might be overcautious, but hey, better err on the side of safety. That’s what this great forum is for: honest and practical discussion. :smile:

Glad to hear everything is now alright. It is always better to error on the side of caution after all it is your health.


I would go to the eye doctor if you are still having eye symptoms. I would think it would take a direct hit to do damage. The technician should ask you if you see light through the goggles. Sometime s they will put cotton underneath the goggles if you see light. I have never had my face treated somy eyes have never been that close to the light beam.