Possible allergic reaction to organic tea tree oil


I have been using organic tea tree oil after treatments now for about 2 months.

I was wondering if some one can become allergic to it after that period of time.

On Thursday, I used it on my neck. It instantly become red & irritated. I diluted it with water. I had to wash my neck again it hurt so much.

Today my neck is still red, but a darker red & very, very dry.

What should I do?

Thanks in advance.

A very small number of people have sensitivity to Tea Tree Oil, everyone else just has to make sure they don’t use too much. People have a tendancy to use too much.

How are you dispensing the product?

You can develop allergies or sensitivities to substances even after using them safely, especially if you use them often. I used to take ibuprofen all the time, but then one day took it and had an allergic reaction so severe I had to be rushed to the doctor and given an injection. Needless to say, I can’t ever take it again. I would NOT use tea tree anymore. Try witch hazel or an antibacterial cream.

A contact allergy is a allergic skin reaction from contact with a substance that is usually harmless. You usually get a itchy rash that develops over a couple of days, after the skin comes in contact with the substance. The skin first becomes itchy, then red, & swollen with vesicles(blisters). This rash can stay in the area that came in contact with the substance our can spread over the body.
The other reaction is Anaphylaxis. That’s more than likley what happened to WeRNOTAfraid. Also think of anything you might of come in contact with around the same time.
Good luck figuring things out allergies are a strange thing.

I am putting the Organic Tea Tree oil on with a Q-tip & removing the excess.

It seems to be a lot better today. Thank you all for your replies. The redness is gone; it is just a little dry.

Perhaps, I am putting too much on. It is quite possible.

Question for anyone: Do your hormones play a part in allergic reactions? For example, my period. My body is adjusting to having regular ones again. I take Metformin ER for my PCOS, & I also have Late Stage Lyme Disease.

Also, products with Tea Tree oil don’t seem to bother me. I use In-grow Gold, which has Tea Tree oil in it, & I have absolutely no problems with it. It just seems like straight Tea Tree oil gives me problems. I believe I had a slight reaction before.

Funny, I know a lot people have problems using Neosporin, but my skin seems to love it.

Sorry, if am I rambling. Thank you in advance.


I won’t use the Tea Tree oil on its own anymore. Thank you for your advice.

If you use more than a dab of tree tea oil, you will exhibit side effects or skin irritation.


On the area you apply the 100% tea tree oil; do you know if your skin is an oily or dry skin type? How has the weather effected your skin in that area? Was the area exposed to the sun?

I have seen dry skin become easily irritated from 100% tea tree oil.

The area that become instantly red & irritated was my neck.

I would say the area is between normal & dry.

I always wear sunscreen 30 spf & a hat. I get very little sun exposure. I will burn first then tan. I would say my complexion is light to medium & very light olive. Funny, I always burn first then tan. I am very careful. If I am on medication that makes you more sensitive to the sun, I try to completely stay out of the sun.

I would say maybe my neck was a little dry. The reaction was instant. It is still a little dry today, but the redness & irritation lasted for 2 days.

My skin seems to like Neosporin, but not the %100 Tea tree oil. I just found it strange that it seem to happen gradually over time. Thanks in advance.

Further study into this situation revealed information suggesting that there are a small number of people whose skin is so sensitive that they are recommended to mix tea tree oil with a vegetable oil, like Olive, or Corn Oil in order to avoid sensitivity.

Since a drop or two is what is used, I would expect that one would take a small amount of the vegetable oil, add the drop or two, mix it, or rub it together in the hands, and apply.

Good Luck

PS, This is also supposed to work for those whose face gets too flakey even when they use small amounts. Some companies sell a mixture of Tea Tree and Lavendar Oil in the stores, premixed. Needless to say, it smells much more crowd friendly.

Thanks James.

I have since used products with Organic Tea Tree Oil with only excellent results.

Using the straight Organic Tea Tree Oil gave me such a sunburn like reaction instantly - I can’t take the risk. It is weird how something works for a while then it doesn’t.

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