Popularity of laser hair removal will BENEFIT electrologists!

In case any electrologist is worried that laser will take away all of his/her customers and needs to consistently scare people by exaggerating the dangers of laser and exaggerating the speediness and lack of any skin damage due to electrolysis, here’s what I think –

Laser hair removal clinics and laser equipment manufacturers have a great deal more money to spend on advertising than individual electrologists. Consequently, more and more people who would never have attempted hair removal will attempt it – especially men. From a marketing standpoint, these ads are very successful at making people think of hair removal as a necessity rather than a choice.

In the best case scenarios, these people will see up to 90 percent permanent results from laser, based on testimonials I have read in various forums. For the remaining hair, they will need to see electrologists. In addition, most people will see around 50 percent permanency, and older patients will be unable to remove their remaining white hairs. Most of these partially pleased patients will turn to electrolysis to finish off, or else, patches of hair on their bodies in uneven patterns will look horrible!

Without reading and seeing laser ads, these people would never have attempted hair removal, either because they didn’t know about electrolysis, or they were men with too much hair to go through years of electrolysis or for the simple fact that they didn’t think hair removal was so important!

So, don’t sweat. There is enough $$$ to go around to both laser clinics and electrologists:-)

The analogy I use is they will get a smaller piece of a much larger pie. There will be a need for electrolysis for the foreseeable future. It’s a better option for a lot of common types of hair removal.

For the record, most electrologists know for a fact that the LASER industrial complex has lots of money, and spends it to get people interested in hair removal. We also know that once people get to doing hair removal, they end up getting electrolysis sooner or later, if they really want permanent hair removal.

What most electrologists dislike is the over promises, and lack of full research prior to clearance to market. If we scare people, it is only to say that it is not as easy as the slick commercial makes it out to be. You don’t just walk in to the office hairy, see a dazzling array of disco lights, and walk out the office hair free and care free, with a bonus tan to boot.

Those of us who are any good, actually got a rise in their businesses from LASER advertising, and people who actually do their research.


I agree with the original premise. When I had enquired about electrolysis some time ago, I got a party on the line who seemed to be very negative and quoted me some astronomical figure for estimated cost. I thought that price ($35,000)was the norm at the time.

Several years later I thought I would try again since I needed facial hair removal, and the laser ads caught my eye.
Even though the laser was only partially sucessful, my laser tech is also an electrolygist so I continued on with that mode. The cost including the laser is no where near the earlier estimate.

So if a clinic can do both laser and electrolysis then the former may get people to the latter.


I never would have considered electrolysis if I had not had laser treatments first. Once I get to experience the benefits of removing unwanted hair, I wanted it all gone on my upper body. That resulted in electrolysis treatments.

I doubt that many extremely hairy men are willing to make the committment to having their entire back cleared with electrolysis. Laser is a good way to start.

Like I always say, “start with laser, finish with electrolysis!”


I think there are a lot of confused people out there. Many of the women im treating are aware of laser but are frightened by it and the high costs.

I would personally love to be able to afford to use both methods in treating hair removal. At the end of the day they complement each other.

The bottom line is that people still need electrolysis to completely erradicate their hair.