Thanks to Beate for allowing me to delve into what I believe is an essential issue in our profession: keeping an open mind, not dismissing ideas we don’t understand, and not denigrating others using techniques WE don’t use!

I’m gearing up to do a series of on-line videos. I spoke to an “important person” about my project that will highlight all techniques. I said I think that “Ms. So-and-so” would agree to being on film. However, her first reaction was, “Oh I don’t agree with what she’s doing. I don’t like her!”

And, THAT’S the issue!

Can people doing “this or that” technique talk about electrolysis without disparaging someone else? Is it really fair to show HORRIBLE mangled skin and claim that one particular “method” was responsible for the graphic skin destruction?

I view pesky little videos all the time. One video proclaims that “X-method hurts like HELL, and only my method is painless.” Others proclaim they have a patented new electrolysis technique, and all the other techniques don’t work!

I’m not kidding you. One woman buys a standard (well-known) electrolysis machine, claims the thing was re-designed for her “special method” and then she re-sells the unit for $25,000! I spoke to the manufacturer … the machine (about $2,500 retail) is the standard unit. The manufacturer makes no changes.

I have had several folks view Jossie’s videos and they are always “horrified” because “My God, she uses her fingers!” And, that’s the end of it!

Sadly, this pompous attitude exists not only among electrologists … but also in the associations too.

I remember “poor” Harvey Grove (not an easy guy to like) who came up with a new idea. He wanted to make a presentation to the association, but because he was not liked it never happened. Sure, he’s a pain in the butt (like me), but I wanted to hear what he had to say! Who am I to decide anything … before I’ve even heard the guy?

Look, given the chance I’d like to hear a speech, in person, by Hitler or Stalin!

And, then there are the “secret” methods. Lucy Peters had a good thing going (still does) but she keeps her “method” a secret from all of us … while proclaiming that ONLY her technique delivered permanent hair removal. Yeah, people were furious. I only wanted to know what she was doing.

Maybe we can have a discussion about this issue? Perhaps we can talk about a vehicle that would objectively showcase EVERYTHING (for free) in this petulant little profession.

For me, it’s only about information.
Are we ever going to get out of the “dark ages?”

Do you realise something Michael? You’ve just given me the greatest motivation to continue doing videos about the ‘Finger Technique’.

If the ‘important person’ don’t like me and my techniques, it’s because I’m doing SOMETHING really well.

You can tell this person from me that there are only two types of people who I would hate to disappoint, first are my clients and secondly, my friends, of course you are first on that list. :slight_smile:

The fact that your videos have THOUSANDS of views on youtube speak for itself. You are doing for electrolysis what no association has done in past 100 years. And I’m sure some of these clueless pluckers in business for 30 years are peeking in to watch your videos too.

I liked your recent video demonstrating TIDS. I would be very curious to see if different modes like pico, multi-plex and synchro can be compared in similar way to show their different heating patterns?

Of course, Fenix, I can do it. Great idea, thanks. :slight_smile:

Before, the problem was that I did not get a good definition of how the heat pattern rises to the surface, but now with my new camera I can do it, even in slow motion.

Michael, regardless of what they think the members of this blessed profession, I am interested to know whether you will continue on with your project. Do it, please…