Poll: What hurts more Electrolysis or Laser?

Not sure if “hurt” is the right word… but,

which modality of hair removal is more painful than the other (WITHOUT the use of numbing cream such as EMLA)??




(I guess this question is more for those who have experienced both )

-If you did use numbing cream in both cases then mention that as well.

I had 5 treatments with laser and let me just say it hurt like hell. I have only had a consultation with electrology and a sample treatment. She used EMLA before she began although I really couldn’t feel myself going too number. However, I really did not find the pain that bad. Even when it was in an area close to a bone it wasn’t that bad. Everytime the laser hit me I felt like I needed a break. And as soon as it was over I was relieved. Some laser folk may call that being biased, but that’s just my experience. I imagine others could share just the same. So in response to your opening statement, laser hurt, electrolysis felt a little bit like a quick sting. Nowhere near as bad…

It’s relative. Electrolysis is weekly, for years. Laser may hurt – but you only have to do like maybe 5-7 sessions.


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