Poetic Wax Kit?

I was checking out blissworld.com and read about their “Poetic Waxing Kit.” Apparently, this is some special kind of Australian wax that doesn’t stick to skin and sort of “shrink-wraps” the hairs so it is supposed to be less painful than regular waxing.


Sounds interesting, I was wondering if anyone has used it and wants to tell what their experience with it was like? This kind of wax is used in some higher end spas, most notably Bliss in NYC, and the wax kit is sold online at the site mentioned above as well as at some other site (do a Google search for more info).

It looks like a perfectly good wax, but a lot of the language is marketing hype. At a certain point, wax is wax. :wink: It’s definitely got the fancy salon price tag attached!