Plz help me - im so alone

Im 14 (girl) years old and when i was 11/12 i started getting body hair!!! I hate it!! I don’t think it’s that dark and it’s not very thick, I don’t really mind it on my arms but i hate it on my upper lip.

I really want to get rid of it coz i have no confidence. When ever someone talks to me i always put my hand over my face.I don’t relly have friends and my so called friends always whisper about me when they think i can’t hear, they also put a finger across the top of their lip when they talk to me and someone else will start laughing!! I’ll never have a boyfriend coz all the boys make fun of me and bully me till im almost in tears!

I don’t know what to do, I feel so alone. I 've been told that if i wax it it’ll make my top lip puffy and shAving and bleaching can make it worse. I want to have it removed by lasers but im not old enough!

But i’ve recently heard about threading and i was wandering if it would work for me. How long does it last ad does it make the hair worse? What other methods do u lot suggest trying?

I hate being bullied and my mum just says it’s natural not to worry - but people at school aren’t that nice!! Most of the girls i know all wear makeup and love lip gloss etc. but i don’t feel confident enough to wear stuff even though i really want too!! Coz it’ll just make the hair stand out even more!!!

Even as i write this im crying coz im just sick of it all!!! PLZ HELP ME!!

You are not too young for the true permanent solution. A good electrologist can make all this a memory in no time at all. I am sure that I could bare your face in the first appointment.

You did not fill out your registration form completely, so we don’t know where in the world you are to even make suggestions on who you should see.

Of the options you listed, shaving or clipping are the best options. Waxing and threading will lead to problems later, but will give you a quick fix.

Thanx - i live in london uk. If i did find somewhere to get it permanently removed coz im only 14 would i need my parents permission??

danni, i feel for you girl. my sister is just about your age and she tells me the exact same stories. she told me this guy made fun of her because of her “mustach”. i think it is totaly pathetic of those people. you know what i told her to tell them…lol… that they make themselves manly men enough to make fun of a lady, when they themselves are still immature and dont have facial hair yet! still puny boys! hehe… anyway, not sure if she said that to them, but it would have been cool. so yeah, with my sister, i just bleach it for her. she’ll come to me when she thinks the hair starts to show and i’ll bleach the hair for her. its quick and painless (except for the strong ammonia smell). i dont want to let my sis wax or thread because it might give her more work to deal with. so when she’s older she can decide what she wants to do. good luck sweety. talk to your mom about what you can do to remove/mask the hair and explain to her how it bothers you as a growing woman. she will understand and help you out. if not, we are here to help you!


I am not sure about the laws of the UK. Here in the US one could legally get electrolysis without parental permission in many states, but most would want parental approval just for legal liability issues.

Hi danni

If you have a problem with your parent’s consent, I would suggest approaching your school guidence counciler or principal (preferrably a female staff member). They probably can’t sign consent, but they can put a good case forward to your parents as these people (strange as this may seem) do actually understand this sort of stuff. Try this, it may help, and they won’t tell anybody. You are more than old enough to seek cosmetic help for a problem issue.


Hi Danni:

If you wanted to shave the hair it won’t make it grow any faster, that is a myth.

If your hair growth is excessive it could be a hormonal thing. If it was hormonal the doctor could possibly give you something.If it is only a few hairs try shaving,bleaching or waxing. I would only do electrolysis if it was a last resort really. It is not a fun thing.

If you did wax it would only be puffy for a little while and ice would make the puffing go down pretty quickly.

Yes bleaching would work, but the hairs will still be there except now white.

The other children are cruel, but unfortunately they get it from society and others. They don’t know how much their words hurt others. But if you let them know it hurts they will probably do it more. Don’t let them know it bothers you, just ignore them and they will tire of the silly game.


Dear beautiful young lady there is hope. We have completed thousands of patients with worse problems than yours. Using a temporary method is just fine, but if you want Permanent Hair Removal, please read this site very carefully before you do anything: Hairtell is the most helpful forum site on the Internet. If you have more questions just email me. Good Luck, FG

Thanx every1 for all ur kind comments and help. Especially rachelle, ur sister is lucky to have u to help her!!

any time darling. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />