Plucking VS shaving

Hi all,

I am a young male (18 years old).
The reason i am posting is because,2 years ago,i started noticing hair growing up between my two eyebrows.

Although i didnt like it,it was not a big deal.In the begining i shaved and latter on i started plucking them out.
I was ok and thought i could keep it under control that way…
About a year ago,i noticed some ““upper cheek hair”” also and started plucking out.
I was dissapointed but steel not to worried and thinkinh i could keep it under control by simply plucking.
However,but a couple of months ago,i noticed i also have hair on my nose which,i m pretty sure is not normal …!!
Moreover i feel that my upper cheek situation is getting worse althoug i cannot say if it is because of plucking or not shaving it at all (meaning that before i used to shave that area along with my beard while now i only pluck selectively the long brown hair leaving the small ones which were before evacuated by shaving).

The nose situation really got me thinking.i dont want to spenmd the rest of my existence plucking.shaving is faster but i heard it worsens the problem.
so i am asking:

–Does plucking out worsens the problem??will the hair grow more frekently?
–Same questions for shaving??
–should i start shaving my nose also??

I really need ur help.especially since i noticed the nose hair,i ve been feeling down.i dont really go out.and you know how they say not a day goes by without my thinking of u…well quite honestly,not an hour goes by without me worrying my social life will be gone for good if i dont keep this under control.
I try not to think too much about it caus i feel like screaming.yesterday my brother asked me if i wanted to suicide and my parents think i do drugs…(!)
and all that because im down all the time thinking about my hair…

It sounds like this is all really getting you down and though we can all offer you advice on your hair growth i would recommend that you try and find someone to talk to help you through this time.
What I can help you with it your hair problems. You did not cause the excess growth of your facial hair. It is natural for growth patterns to change and expand with age as your hormone levels change.Unfortunatly this means that many men develop hair between there brows on and in their noses and on their ears, but you shouldn’t worry, its normal and you are not alone.

When it comes to removing the hair on your brows and nose i would not shave it. when you shave you cut the hair at the thinkest part of the shaft which is why the stubble feels so ruff. If tweezing is getting to be toho much I would look into waxing where all the hairs are removed at once. If you are looking for a permanent solution there is electrolysis and there are some very good people on this board who can help with that
good luck

First of all thanx for replying.

Well,electrolysis sounds great,i ve been reading about it on this board,and it seems to have worked for a lot of people so it should work for me.
Only that i dont think ican afford it…with my student-budjet.Though i have no idea how much it costs…(?)
Moreover,it seems to be common in the states ,but where i come from(belguim)i dont think its that common.i doubt any pratician uses this method in this country…(?)

However,and to tell u the truth,i was not that worried until i came accros this board.

I intendet on continuing plucking since its not that much.But then i read that plucking worsens it…If by plucking i get rid of it only to see it come come back twice as worse and more frekently…well then i just dont know wat i should do.

However,if plucking does not in any case make it worse,then ill cary on.Really its not that much.Spending an hour or so every monday morning should be enough.
So do you think i should carry on…???

if it worsens it is probebly just a natural change not caused by plucking. If it does get worse look into waxing- small facial areas dont cost that much.
whatever you dont take what you read to be the full truth, message boards are wonderful tools but a lot of what is said is opinion not fact
I hope this has been helpful but also please consider finding someone to talk to most schools provide free counseling services and you might feel better able to deal with these issues if you have someone you can speak to in person.
good luck

Ok.Thanks again.

Anakin I have sent you a prvate massage about this problem , i got it to so maby we can help eight other.
I live in the Netherlands , so if you wanna get in touch