Plucking upper lip hair

Hello all! This is a great site, and I’m really glad I found it!
I have been plucking my upper lip hair for a few years now (I’m a girl by the way). I have really pale and sensitive skin, and really dark and coarse hair. Not a good mix. I don’t like plucking, but I know I will get scarring from electrolisis (from experience, I scar very easily) and I’m scared of laser until there is more research done (I know I’m a good candidate but it’s just too new.). I used to bleach, but then I started plucking, and I have some red spots that are really persistant, and they are freaking me out. I would like to start bleaching again. How long, with really sensitive skin, do you guys think I should wait before bleaching, and any advice on living through the in-between? My hair grows really fast, is quite visible,and I’m not sure I can deal with it growing out.
Thanks for any advice, and thanks for the site!


i recommend a professional elecrolysis!

and thanks 4 plucking them. i saw a girl a few days back with a mushtache!

If your skin is so sensitive, you really need to stop damaging it with plucking. Your red spots will become pits.

Bleaching only serves to make the hairs thicker, although they may be yellow, or in the “best case”, clear.

You should find an experienced electrologists who utilizes blend or straight galvanic. You will be hair free and care free in no time at all. In 4 weeks, you should have no visable hairs left, and be on a treatment plan that gets the following hairs before they are visible to the naked eye from there.

Keep in mind that plucking only serves to irritate the skin, make the hair grow back thicker and deeper, and darker. If you must use a temporary method, shaving is the only thing you can do that won’t cause you permanent damage, or make it harder to permanently remove the hair later.

I agree with James’ advice, but I want to emphasize that it is ESSENTIAL that you find someone with a lot of experience who is recommended by someone who is done and happy. I too have sensitive skin and have some mild scarring from not choosing as carefully as I should have. Take your time, do your homework, get some tests done away from your face, then go for it once you are satisfied you’ve found someone good.

Bleaching only serves to make the hairs thicker,

I can’t understand how that works out to be…