plucking to increase head hair?

hey everyone… many joked that if shaving did infact increase hair and thickened it, that it would be the biggest discovery for ppl who were losing hair on their head. but what about plucking and tweezing???

the experts and many on this site said it does increase hair and thickens it. so why not do it on the head and save balding people’s pain? will tweezing head hair, increase it and thicken it?

if it does, i swear i’ll start tweezing my head hair! hahaha.

actually, sadly, i am in my early twenties and i my head hair is falling out. i went to a dermatologist and she said its most likely 80% stress. i thought i handled stress good. i am always smiling laughing and i handle school pretty well. but my hair has been falling out Alot since dececember (exam time) and it looks more “spacy” then before. on top especialy. I got long nice hair (growing it for years) and this is freaking me out. i am taking vitamen complexs and zinc.

what else can i do? if plucking increases hair, i’ll start doing it!!

any advice?


Better advice is to get your life under control.

Make a schedule for meals, and stick to it. When you don’t eat on schedule, your body goes into termoil. NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST! If you are going to skip any meal, make it dinner, but NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST. Ideally, Breakfast is your biggest meal of the day, followed by Lunch, although some make Lunch the biggest meal. Either way, Dinner should actually be the smallest meal of the day, you will be going to sleep soon, and won’t burn the calories. Just think, you are ruining your body by not eating right, and then you ADD STRESS! Stop eating at Fast Food Joints. The food there actually robs your body of nutrients, causing an ongoing hunger, because you did not get the nutrients you needed.

You may have run down your thyroid, or if you are lucky just your adrenals. Either one would have a result in dark circles under the eyes, bags under the eyes, thin, or brittle fingernails, joint and muscle aches, sleep disturbance, crashed metabolism (which leads to weight gain and bloating) and, you guessed it, hair loss.

Get Veggies in 3 times a day, and you may require some amino acid pills for a short time to get you back up. You may require thyroid specific supplements, or actual drugs from your doctor. Start out by getting a reflex test on your achillies tendons. If they don’t pop, you are in need of reregulating your adrenals and thyroid.

An easy test you can do at home is have a friend help you test your adrenals. Lay down on a bed or couch. With your legs making the number 4, touch the long finger of the arm opposite from the bent leg on to your pubic bone and push while your friend tries to pull your bent leg straight, and you try to keep it bent. Do this in a room with as little light as possible. After testing one side, switch. If your adrenals are toast, you won’t be able to keep your leg bent even with the slightest tug from your friend, although you might be able to do it with your finger off your pubic bone.

The good news is once you start taking care of yourself again, you will recover pretty quickly. If you are really in bad shape, it will take 3 months.

For some good reading, get “The Diet Cure”, By Julia Ross, and “Food”, by Susan Powter but at the very least, get “Super Size Me” by Morgan Spurlock from your local Video/DVD rental chain.

As for plucking, would you really want lots of distorted, possibly ingrown hairs on your scalp?


Plucking in this situation wont work. Hairloss on the scalp is a huge subject and is of considerable concern to both men and women. In addition to the good advice James has given, may I add a few thoughts for you?

If you have acne and hirsutism (excessive growth of coarse hair where only males have it) then one should suspect androgen excess and appropriate hormonal studies should be done. Careful questioning about about current or recent illness, past medical history, weight loss, recent chidbirth, drug history, hair dressing proceedures and family history of baldness is important for the dermatologist or family physician to know.

If you are genetically picked for hair loss, plucking will make no difference because the blueprint is mixed up here for the way the male hormone works on scalp hair. The opposite happens on your head as opposed to what happens on your chin hair. The biochemistry web is too complicated to unravel here, but just know, this is an area (hair on the head) that defies the plucking effects of developing coarser,deeper,darker hairs.

In women with this problem the thinning is usually on the crown, and its onset is usually in young adulthood.

Normally, you have 83% of the hairs on the scalp in the anagen phase and 13% are in the telogen phase. The rest are in catagen. In some people, that ratio can be out of balance, with the growing hairs (anagen) swiftly turning over to shedding hairs (telogen). Various events such as childbirth, high fever, rapid weight loss, certain drugs or virtually any major insult to the body causes this event where more hairs become shedders instead of growers.

An informed physicain can can put pieces of a rubber tube around a tweezer and pull about 50 hairs out by the roots and microscopically determine if there is a normal telogen to anagen ratio.

Labarotory studies can also be done such as a complete blood count, thyroid studies, a test called a VDRL for sexually transmitted diseases, fungal cultures. There are between 30 -40 drugs that can cause hair loss, also.

If the cause of your hairloss is from excess male hormone, Rogaine or products like it may be helpful. It’s expensive and takes time to see maximum results with these drugs (12 months) and you have to use it indefinitely to maintain new hair growth.

If you have a telogen/anagen ratio problem, you need to find what’s causing it and be reassured that when you do find it, the hair loss will slowly cease and your normal hair pattern will be reestablished. Regrowth will usually take six months.

Have to run, hope this helped a little.


Head hair growth is affected by different things that hair on other parts of the body, so plucking won’t help.

Everyone begins losing hair as they get older. Look to your mom’s side of the family for genetics, and you might consider getting your hormone levels checked if you are very concerned.

Head hair loss is usually genetic and hormonal. Emotional and mechanical stress can play a part, too. Putting your hair in buns or tight ponytails can cause problems, as can not using a good conditioner and brushing or styling it a lot. Diet and exercise along with stress reduction are good overall, so look into that as well.

But don’t pluck.

oh gosh,

i do not know how to thank you enough. James, Dee, Andrea… you guys are truly the best. To take time like that to explain to me of a topic that truly has been making me feel desperate really made me feel better. Alot of what you guys said hit a button in me.

ok i edited big time. deleted alot of stuff i said. but yeah, just wanted to say that i am implementing ALOT of what you guys told me and i cut my hair short. I am hoping things will get better. thanks again!