Plucking thinning hair?


I’ve been plucking my facial hair for awhile now and it’s been working “ok” for me. Because with my overall thinning hair (which is just a symptom of my diabetes), and using soymilk for both my arms and face, it is too fine to grab with tweezers now. (but still dark)

Can anyone recommend a better way?.. or a better tweezer? I would like to begin bleaching the facial hair now, but the bleach I have been using now gives rashes to my face.

This should probably be in a different topic also, but there is another matter.
I’ve been using a mixture of both fine sandpaper and pumice stone to my arms, the hair is infact starting to grow in blonde (which makes me very happy since I’m brunette with thick hair)-- but there is the problem of ingrowns. They started appearing when I was still using wax to remove it, and there have been more and more appearing.
Ingrowns have also appeared in untouched areas such as my chest, where there isn’t any hair at all- just blonde down.
How can one rid of horrible ingrowns without the use of surgery?


I’ve heard various people that have tried
tend skin and have liked it.