Plucking sensation

My regular electrologist hurt her back so I am going to a new electrologist temporarily. I have been getting blend done on my back and shoulders for 1 year. I started with thermolysis but I wanted better results.

My second electrologist causes me less pain but it feels like maybe she is plucking on the hair some. There is much less redness and she works fast but I wonder if the results will be good. Heck if it takes longer, at least I don’t have scabs and ugly red bumps that last a month.

Any advice?

I love the blend as I find it leaves nothing on skin and it is quite effective. You should not feel plucking. I find once in awhile if I do hairs which are right on top of each other, I may tug on one as I am getting out the treated one. The untreated is not plucked and only comes out after treatment. If hair is extremely dense and long, I may catch an untreated one. Ask her and perhaps she can adjust the machine so that all hairs are treated properly. I would also ask if the thermolysis treatment could be adjusted to cause less of a reaction.

So it is the thermolysis that causes the redness? The new electrologist is using a small machine like the size of a telephone from claireblend and it leaves a small red dot on the follicle that goes away in a day or two whereas my other electrologist is using a big machine with some swedish name and it is the size of a stereo. The sores last at least 2 weeks and look ugly, I figured that was normal though. :fearful: could this be caused by not using an insulated probe?

The hairs aren’t dense so she is definitely plucking some, maybe in the hopes that new hairs will be fresh. I dunno. Any input on what is a normal reaction to electrolysis will help much


The same thing happened to me when I used thermolysis. I had a lot of scabbing and my skin took a long time to heal. And, some people’s skin is just more sensitive than others to heat. I would suggest trying the blend method or the straight galvanic method. I’m using the striaght galvanic method but it is very difficult to find a good electrologist who can conduct this properly because it takes a long time to treat each hair - sometimes up to a minute. Therefore, this type of treatment takes a lot of patience and I haven’t found an electrologist that doesn’t pluck the hair (found one and then she decided to do a career change). I’m still looking - I have an appointment tomorrow and if she doesn’t work out i’m purchasing a professional epilator. 2000 dollars but I think it’s worth the investment to get it done properly as when the hair is plucked it just grows back worse, with a stronger root, and then it is more difficult to remove. If I do it myself, I’ll be sure that the hair has been damaged before removing it.