Plucking pubic area - coarser regrowth?

So I was wondering, is the pubic area one of those areas where waxing, tweezing and plucking can make hairs grow coarser? I have heard about plucking your penis shaft and I was wondering if anybody here knows if you pluck them, is there any chance they might grow coarser due to the damage and the increase of blood flow to “repair”? thanks

Yes, it is. The only places that plucking/tweezing can make hair grow LESS are the legs, and eyebrows.

I guess it depends where on the pubic area.

My hair is virtually indestructible but the one place I managed to get a bald spot from tweezing was at the very top of the hill, so to speak. Exactly where i didn’t want it!

How long did you wait? Hair grows in cycles and that hair in particular will be back when its cycles rolls around again.

It’s been a couple of years so I guess that spot will be there for good. Funny how that only works in places we don’t want. :slight_smile:

Don’t pluck or wax the hair on your penis, it will just grow back. If you want to remove do electrolysis or if you want quick results go for laser first and then follow up with electrolysis. It took me two years but the hair is not growing back anymore.

For the female perspective…
I have, on a few times, plucked my bikini line to see if I could reduce the irritation and ingrowns I used to get when shaving. Nu-uh, didn’t work. In fact the irritation and ingrowns were just as ever present as if I had shaved. Its a lot more painful too! Don’t pluck, electrocute!