Plucking hairs on cheeks - always get 'black spots' when they grow back/ingrowns

Hi, hope someone can help, I’m at my wits end.

I’ve had problems with ingrown hair on cheeks since I started growing more hair and having to shave more (male, 30). I resorted to plucking these coarse dark hairs that would appear on cheeks/on a mole, which would usually result in an ingrown hair afterwards. I always tried to pull the full follicle and route, but my hair is fairly curly.

Anyway. A year ago I had my mole removed, as it was getting very irritated by the hair removal and ingrowns. I’ve had an awful experience with the scar not healing well, and I’m still getting irritation. I had 4 rounds of laser hair removal, which seemed to work quite well but over the last few months the hairs have been coming back in, and darker rather than the lighter hairs. I probably have 60% less growth, but I’ve recently once again been suffering with ingrowns.

The type I seem to get, after plucking (and I’m not as often, I’m trying to just shave/trim) is that when the hairs grow back, they almost grow back as a black spot, as if the hair is curled under. No amount of exfoliation will free them, and I end up having to try and pick them free (resulting in some bleeding, redness of course). I want to try and stop this vicious cycle – what are these ‘black grits’ I keep getting when hair grows back in??? Any advice? …

Most likely (guessing) those “black grits” are remnants of the hair shaft that were zapped by the laser. You really should have gone with electrolysis … people here will explain.

Additionally, before you start treating “the problem,” first find out WHAT it is! For me, this is a common mistake we all make. “Rub this or that” on the thing, before we know what “the thing” actually is!

In extreme cases, I have seen people treating skin cancers with OTC products … or, even worse … electrologists/estheticians removing “questionable” lesions with their thermolysis/electrolysis needle … or a product (a practice actually supported by a few “epilator” manufacturers). Again … “what is it” … and THEN seek a method to remove “it.” … Don’t get the cart before the horse!

Indeed, there is a landmark case on this very subject in the UK: stay tuned for the outcome.

Hi Charlie,

I cannot recommend enough a product called Tend Skin. It has been so helpful to so many of my clients. The bottle is blue and comes in two types, a roll-on and a squeeze bottle.

The squeeze bottle is technically cheaper but please heed my advice if you try it.
Start with the roll-on because it is refillable. The bottle unscrews apart and you can refill it with the squeeze bottle if you end up finding that the product it works for you.
I recommend the roll-on because you waste no product as it all goes right on your face as you roll it. With the squeeze bottle you would have to use cotton to apply it and you would waste half of it.

My suggestions:
Apply Tend Skin once a day to start. Never apply it right after showering or shaving etc… The reason being is if your skin is wet then it has absorbed a bunch of moisture already and then the Tend Skin won’t get absorbed. So I recommend applying it about an hour (not 20 minutes) or two after you shower or a few hours before you shower. This stuff works on pimples and ingrown hairs all over especially in the pubic region.
I should note though if you have issues in the pubic region get a roll-on bottle for that area and that area only. Then a bottle for everywhere else.

See how well one application a day works for a week or two. If you aren’t seeing results try twice a day. You can even have a roll-on bottle with you at work to apply midday. It’s clear so it won’t be noticeable. If you have trouble with remembering or being able to put it on a few hours after you shower because of your work just apply it when you are at work in the beginning of your shift and another dose at the end of your shift if need be.

This stuff has been really great and lasts a long time. There are a few refill sizes I think 4 oz, 8 oz and a huge 16 oz size. Good luck and I hope this helps!

Here’s the Tend Skin website for you… if you have any other questions I would be more than happy to answer them as best as I can!