Plucking for years

I have many clients who have been plucking for longer than i have been alive, they have huge hair problems, Chin and Upper Lip areas mainly. I find that they have plucked so much the root is really deep so i have to use a longer needle, higher intensity and sometimes more than one zap to successfully remove the hair. They have both pigmented and grey hairs.

These cases i am treating the area for an hour to hour and a half at a time on a weekly basis

Has anyone found that treating these types of people they have temporary hyperpigmentation and their skin looks sore even a week after treatment?

Hiya, skin looking sore for a week is unusual i must admit. Unless the area you are treating happens to be the neck area?
What mode are you using and what kind of probes timaamit?

Hey Cherrytree, i am using diathermy 1.5 seconds per hair on quite a high intensity and I am using two piece needles by sterex

i am treating under chin/jawline/neck area, i understand the skin is much thinner here so its to be expected am i right?

Is your machine a Sterex?
If so, then have you tried Blend?
Have you tried Ballet needles? Gold are especially smooth and non irritant.
Have you tried insulated needles?
If it’s a 2-piece you like using, you can’t do better than the Laurier Insulated Bulbous probes (in my opinion).

The under chin and neck areas are prone to bruising and notoriously difficult to access and probe. Position is everything! A good ‘sitter’ is essential too.
For what it’s worth, I use arnica pre-treatment and keep a pad with same at the ready for applying slight pressure to those ‘bubbles’ of bleeders that come up all of a sudden. Pressure for 5 minutes helps minimise the damage.

Only one of my regulars suffers like this however, so I think there are some people who just are prone to bruising and hyper-reacting. I haven’t got it taped by any means. Take heart!

I’m wondering if that extra-sensitive bruising runs in families. I have a mother and daughter duo that come for eyebrows and they both will bleed with at least one insertion per session. The mother is the worst of the two. I have never seen anything like this before, none of my other clients have this problem.


Kelly tips. If they’re bleeding then you have not disabled the blood supply to the papilla.