plucking eyebrows ?

hey there all

I wanted to ask about plucking eyebrows. Does it really induce more hair or make them thicker in this particular area ?

Please I need to know this.

Another thing, is there any products that make the hair finer or lighter other than bleaching method ? like creams or something (for eyebrows).


Actually, there are two places on the body that actually CAN experience permanent hair removal from PLUCKING ALONE, and those are the eyebrows, and the legs. Sorry, if you were hoping to pluck and get thicker, more plentiful brows.

If you have lost brow hairs over time, or just want to increase the amount and thickness of your brows, you would have to see to reverse thyroid conditions, which most Americans have some touch of due to the poisons in our food system (artificial/chemical ingredients) water (chlorine and fluoride) and air (choke, cough). Both over active, and under active thyroid lead to hair loss first in the eyebrows, but later, can develop on the head, and body.

But I’ve read form another website that the hair if plucked will regrow and split into two hair shafts leading to more hair. I am talking about eyebrows.

Thanks James

Can you link us to that website?

I don’t remember but I am sure I’ve read it somewhere. Is it true ?

As James mentioned, this is one area where hair can disappear completely after a while.

so the hair won’t change if you pluck them say once or twice ??

No. It definitely won’t get worse. Some hairs may go away forever as mentioned above - this is common on this area. Have you seen those women with no eyebrows or overplucked eyebrows? That’s what happens over time to some people if you pluck too much.

how do you know ?!

What are you trying to accomplish here? Are you planning to shape your eyebrows? Are you planning to just pluck once or twice in your life? What is your goal, so we can help you figure out how to achieve it.

I don’t pluck my eyebrows anymore. I had them shaped with electrolysis and removed all the unnecessary hairs permanently.

I think my question is clear. I asked if the hair has been plucked one or twice in the eyebrows will it come thicker or finer , will it change at all ? your answer was No but with no proof or reason.

There is no scientific evidence that I know of stating that hair will become thicker or finer after being tweezed once or twice.

Personal observation has shown us many instances of REPEATED tweezing or waxing that damaged the hair follicle (for some people) to the point of disabling hair growth. This is usually seen in the brows and sometimes on the upper lip.

These personal observations have also shown us many instances of coarsening of hair from REPEATED tweezing or waxing.

There is an old wives’ tale that says tweezing a white hair will result in two growing in. I have not heard any that tale associated with other hair types of hair…old wives’ tales are very much like urban legends - they are usually false.

Our observations would tell us that a once- or twice-tweezed hair would not change with with so few tweezings. The reasoning would be that there was not skin and hair follicle trauma associated with repeated tweezing.

Thank you Barbara,

I might have plucked my eyebrows few times and I want to stop but I am afraid my hair there will grow back thiker or the pluck thing will increase the hair ? I am mainly talking about the eyebrows.

What do you think ?

Personally I haven’t noticed much diffirence. HOwver, you have to be very careful that you don’t pluck the hair in the wrong direction. pull them out to their natural growth direction or else they could grow back ‘funny’.

hmm what do you mean they could grow back funny ?

If you read forums and any personal experiences, I doubt you will find even one person complaining of hair becomes more coarse on this specific area. As mentioned several times, this area along with legs, is known to LOSE hair over time with age.

What “reasons” do you want? Studies for this question specifically? They don’t exist. Talk to all those women you see around you that draw in their eyebrows. They can all show you photos of when they used to have eyebrow hairs.

Well they could grow back in an unnatural direction. It could really mess up your look, and I’m not sure if you can ever recover that.


never heard of hair in the eyebrow growing back in a different direction to be honest, have noticed this yourself ? and have you noticed as LAgirl said it will stop growing ?

Well like I said if you pluck the hair in a completely unnatural direction it can happen. As for stopped growing, I wish that were true lol. It’s probably diffirent for every person.

are you sure that your talking about the eyebrow or a different part of the face ?