Plucking eye brow hair

Hey people.

I’m really worried about something here. I plucked some eye brow hairs that I now really want back. Its been almost 2 weeks and some of them have grown back sooo much thinner then they were before that their barely even there, you can only see them from an inch away and even then their so thin and tiny. Others have not grown back at all.

I wanna ask all the girls out there who pluck their eyebrows, do the hairs you pluck eventually grow back to thier normal density or can you thin them out or loose them for good?

heres my two cents for what its worth…
1st off i think it may depend on how long you have been plucking, how old you are and your hair type. ive read posts in forums that have stated that eyebrow hair can be permanently removed with repeated plucking. but i think this takes a long time of repeated plucking and other variables. im not sure about the thinning aspect.
i however have plucked my brows for years and actually havent been plucking them as much the past few months and the hair has come back normal, if not coarser. i have dark brown hair and it is normally on the thicker side. im 23 & female.
i have in the past freaked out from over plucking brows though. so i know what its like. i got some brow liner and it helps till the hair fills in again.
i wouldnt worry about it for now. easier said then done, i know. it could take months for the hair to return, but i think most likely it will.

Thank you for your post hairess, its very reassuring.

The hairs that I have been freaking out over I’ve been plucking for maybe 2 yrs but not that regularly. Its just that when they’ve grown back and made my brows look messy I’ve gone ahead and plucked them at times and now I wish I had let them fill in.

The hairs that grew back thin have started to thicken and get bigger again so thats a good sign…but there’s areas that are gappy where nothing has grown back yet, i’m hoping they’ll grow back too. The areas are near the arch so its not so bad for now.

I was freakin out because theres been other kinds of hairs I have been able to permanently remove or reduce through plucking in one or two plucks and was scared I might have done the same to my eye brows. I hope eye brows are different. I’ll wait and see what happens, your advice is reassuring so thank you for that.

Please note, I’m not suggesting plucking is a good way to go about permanently removing hair. Sometimes it weakens the growth in one hair but strengthens it in the hair right next to it! And in some areas of the body it can only make it thicker.

I’m 20, Male (Yes, i know, its gay that i even pluck in the first place, i only wanted to pluck some at first but over the years it became a gimic I decided to play around with…regrettably) with black hair that is thick.