Plucking Cheek Hairs!

i am a guy and have light tanned skin, and very dark hair. I shave regularly, but have never dared to shave my upper cheeks. About two years ago i plucked one of the darker hairs in that area, and then come today am plucking odd dark hairs out of my upper cheeks daily.

My question is it safe to do electro*** (however its spelt) on my upper cheeks, and so close to the eyes. My other question is the treatment like laser in that they have to shave the area before its treated?

Do people think i should just pluck the occasional hair or get treatment. How much does the treatment cost?



You should avoid plucking since it can result in ingrown hairs which will grow under the skin and fester!

For laser you need to be clean shaven, but for electrolysis several days or more growth is needed for the technician to see the hair and treat it.

The cheek area is easily treated and there is zero danger to your eyes.