plucking beard

im a 29/male i have light skin and dark beard and even with the closest shave a beard shadow is noticeable , i hate that, i’ve tried pulsed light - 6 sessions a couple years ago, - scammed, nothing happened, also my skin is very sensitive its impossible to shave 3 days in a row so i started plucking it, i’ve removed all hairs from mustache area which is the worst and the area that end more irritated after shaving, im happy with the result but will this affect the hair in a bad way? removing it permanently is my wish but unfortunately i know that i can’t remove the hair permanent by this way so can i be doing worst by plucking it?

thank you


I think that will only result in more problems such as ingrown hairs, infection from the ingrowns and possibly even strengthening the roots.

The best method to get rid of the hair permanently is electrolysis.

You are wasting your time with plucking and it will lead to problems.

What is your motivation for wanting to get rid of your facial hair? Perhaps there have been others here who had similar feelings, so don’t be afraid to be honest about the reasons if you really want helpful advice.


I agree with AliciaDarling. You need to find someone who can give you the long appointments needed to get to first clearance in 6 weeks or less, and then maintain that clearances until the job is done. Plucking will actually make your problem worse over time. If you want to see where you could end up, ask VickyCNY what ten years of facial hair plucking did.

In short, if permanent removal is your goal, why do something that actually will make that goal harder to reach in the future?

well i think the motivation is simple, i basically hate shaving and hate to see the beard shadow after shaving, it makes my face look dirty and its not the look i want, i’ve heard people tell me to accept the beard but i don’t want to do that because i don’t like beard so i will not accept what i don’t like, its just a way to see things.

I live in Portugal - Lisbon and i cannot find any clinic that does electrolysis here, i’ve search a lot and only find laser clinics, maybe someone can help me here?

You can get a good reduction and make the hair finer thereby eliminating the shadow with a few ND: Yag laser treatments at good settings, with a good tech who overlaps properly avoiding patchiness.

For electrolysis, there is an electrologist on the forum from southern Spain if you’re willing to travel.

thank you

im afraid of ending with patchy beard, i have to consult a few clinics here, there is one clinic here called “clinica do pêlo” (in english - “hair clinic”) it claims 20years of experience and they use alexandrina 18mm, they have a bunch of clinics all over portugal but them again i don’t know about their experience on removing beard.

I’ve seen clinics Hedonai have a franchise in Lisbon. They specialize in laser but also offer electrolysis.

There is another way of information. You can call distributors in Portugal Ballet needles “SORISA INTERNATIONAL”. They are in Barcelona (Spain), I’m sure that will give you a list of sites that offer electrolysis.

You can also go to schools of electrolysis. They can recommend their best and more experienced students.