Plucking after IPL

Hi there,

I have just gone for my first IPL treatment and haven’t had any major worries with the redness etc. All of that went down after a day or so.

First I got a test patch and couldn’t believe all the little hairies which fell out. They had been ruining my life for so long, and they were all just popping out! Amazing!

I hate shaving the area and wondered about plucking it, I was told not to, but find it almost too hard to resist…

Is it really bad, and if so… does anyone know why?

you absolutely CANNOT use any method which removes hair with the root, including plucking and waxing, during the entire length of your treatments. if you do, you basically will be wasting your money since roots need to be there in order to get killed and you will mess up the growth phases of the hair, basically only ending up with targeting a small percentage of the hair every time you have a treatment instead of all possible hairs. you’ll end up doing laser for years that way. ONLY shaving is allowed since it doesn’t affect the root which the laser needs to target.