plucking above cheek


i have hair above the cheek area/below eye

i mistakenly shaved their when i started shaving about a year back. since then i have trimmed it with scissors. but i really want it to grow slower/finer/or not at all. i do not the means to get laser or electrolysis.

should i pluck and if so is there any special way, all i have in the equpiment area is a pair of tweezers. or is there a different method?

how long would it take for it to grow back

also i have a unibrow, is plucking ok for that?


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shaving does not make the hair grow thicker. plucking, on the other hand, does. do not pluck. electrolysis for such a small area shouldn’t be too expensive. i’d look into it if i were you. at least it would be a permanent solution. just make sure that you find a competent practitioner. in the meantime, you can continue shaving.

the same goes for the unibrow.

Shaving does not make hair grow thicker?!?!? and plucking does??

How sure are you about that…because I’ve found that plucking some parts of my face have made hair grow back thinner…but in other areas plucking seems to make hair grow back thicker…I’m still trying to find out what the deal is with plucking.

And i remember when I was younger, my facial hair started to grow back thicker after i shaved…and it was obvious. I’ve never had NOT grow back thicker after shaving…is it different for males and females?