Plezzz plezz help!!

Ok this is verry very embarassing.When I was 12 or maybe younger I got VERY insecure about hair on my body that I did something about it.I seen all these girls with no hair on their body it looked n I just got extremely insecure that I shaved parts of my body a girl doesn’t shave.I regret it so bad.I shaved my back,my stomach,my butt, and my boobs.I know it sounds abnormal but I hated having hair on my body n I wanted it gone.I didn’t know that u would get these bump like things everywhere u shaved.Well my question is I hate the red like bumps or whatever it is.I want 2 know how can I get rid of them?Is it possible 2 get rid of them?One time I let the hair grow n I got this waxing stuff but it was wax where u didn’t have 2 get it hot n it didn’t work.The hair still grows and the bumps r still there.I wanna know would waxing be the best answer?Ekkk help!!Plezz.I really want 2 get waxed so no hairs there but how bad does it hurt?And how often do u get it waxed?Like every month or other month???Plezz help.

Hi Melinda

Just to say that i did the same thing when i was about 10. I think that was the most stupid thing i did as a kid… but what did we know???
You then think to yourself that if i hadnt shaved would the hair be as thick as it is now???
Im sure Andrea or anyone else in this forum (who has much more experience than me!!) should answer that question for you…
Good luck… :smile: