Please Tell Me This Is No Gimmick!!

I bought the One Touch Electrolysis in the winter once. Then left it and took it again today to try again. I feel this is a total gimmick.

I have to have the dial at “1” because that’s enough to burn my skin! I can’t insert the stylet without burning my skin as soon as it is inserted. I am not sure that with more experience I will “get it.”

I have tweezed one hair to see how deep the hair follicle is. It is as deep as the stylet tip itself.

I first want to remove my most annoying unwanted hair. It is under my navel. It’s pretty much a lot of hair and they grow towards the middle. It’s so annoying I can’t show it. Depilatory cream works almost well, but you can still see where the hair grows out off (you know like men who shaves and you see where their hair pores are at?). I also have ingrown hair sometimes, and it makes my skin red for weeks and infected because of depilatory or tweezing. This isn’t good.

Please tell me that One Touch is not a gimmick. I don’t know how some people are successfule with it. It burns already by the time I put it in. I can’t suck up and let it burn me for 15 seconds each time.

Believe me, I have NO money to have it professionally done. If I did, I would have done an consultation and removed my hair already.

What do some of you recommend that I do? Please help me with this. I hate unwanted hair!!!

Here are the following hair I want to remove overtime:

Chest-a little
Breast-a little (from my mother grr!)
Under Navel-a lot
Bikini line-a lot (last thing I want to do)


I am hoping someone can help me with my above questions. I tried at dial “o” with no success. It burns less, but still doesn’t work. Help me!

Though many find them extremely difficult to use (including yours truly), these devices can certainly work for those with the patience and skill. Check the Do-It-Yourself Electrolysis forum for additional tips and suggestions on using these devices.

if im thinking correctly, isn’t the heat/current only at the very end of the needle?

so if you burn yourself on entrance but the needle makes down to the follicle, your only burning yourself on that outter layer of skin for the split second as you enter.

does this make sense? it actually ISA-question

As a matter of fact, except in the case of an insulated probe, the entire surface of the probe is active with treatment energy. If you are using thermolysis, the entire probe will give off heat. If you are using galvanic, as you are with the one touch, the entire probe is alive with milliamps of electricity. Should you be using blend, both heat and electricity is given off by the entire surface of the probe. This is one other reason pro machines and probes are better. A gold ballet probe is easier to insert than a stainless steel one touch tip.

To be sure, more energy is concentrated at the tip, but the entire surface of the probe that is in contact with the skin is “live”. If your setting is not just right (which is really hard to do with a one touch) the energy will react with the surface of the skin to the point of real irritation, and possibly burning, scabbing and/or scarring.

I am using the One-Touch Electrolysis. The tip where it is inserted burns the inside of the skin. Not the outer layer. It DOES feel like burning that I can’t handle it. I even tried at zero like someone had suggested but it still burns, but a bit less.

So are you saying that in your experience it would be easier/better for you to get work done by a pro, with a professional machine, and lots of experience and skill on who to do this?

I am a guy and have used the One-Touch unit numerous times during the 8 or 9 years to clear the hair from my chest, stomach, and pubic area. I have had excellent results with it and have not had any of the hair that was treated correctly return. By that I mean that once in a while the hair will enter the skin at a different angle that it appears and I will miss getting the root. It those cases it is obvious because the hair doesn’t pull out easily.

The main trick is in getting the probe to slide along the hair and into the root. I have found that treating the coarser hairs first (which are a lot easier to insert along and follow to the root) has given me the experience to be able to do the finer ones. The finer ones are still extremely difficult and because of that I had added a foot switch to my One-Touch. This gives me as much time as I need to insert the probe correctly without burning the surface of the skin. One thing to be careful of is being fooled that the probe entered into the follicle when it actually didn’t because of the spring loaded probe. In that case you will burn the surface of the skin.

Originally, I started out using the highest current setting because I was skeptical that home electrolysis would work and wanted to make sure that I would prevent the hair from growing back but I eventually dropped back to 6-7 on the dial.

The One-Touch will work extremely well without any modifications and that is the way I had used it most of the time that I’ve owned it. Again, I suggest treating the coarsest hairs first until you get used to it.

Persevere… as the results are definitely worth it and permanent!



I forgot to mention that if you have inserted the probe correctly (at the correct angle) that there should be minimal pain, just a tingling feeling. Although, I must admit that I have experienced more pain with doing the finer hairs probably because they are just more difficult to get the probe inserted along correctly.

If you experience pain under the skin I would suggest removing the probe and reinserting it again.

One other note is that in most cases if you are succesful in finding the follicle you will see a white substance appear on the surface of the skin around the probe after a few seconds.


Thanks guys, you can see my post in the do it yourself message board. I belive I finally got the handle of it. Go read what I posted.

James, no I am not saying that it would be best to do it professionally. I can’t even afford it.

I certainly meant it was totally difficult and seemed like a gimmick at first, but read my post in do-it-yourself and see my final results. I am not done yet but will continue to do so whenever I can. It kills my neck from bending my head down to see my navel but there won’t be any other ways, except to take breaks.