please, still looking for response

Can anyone help me in regards to my question on the lightsheer diode and fluence in regards to permanent hair reduction?

Thank you

Hi there,

I have skin type III with dark brown hair and fair skin. I’m using the Lightsheer XC

My technician told me I’ll need 6 sessions for long lasting hair reduction, at 3 month intervals, starting at 28 fluence, and increasing by 2 at every following session. So far I’ve seen decent results at those fluences.

Good luck!


I get treated with 45 Joules and have had very good results. My technician says that for the Lightsheer to be effective you have to be aggressive with it. That means using compression and finding the maximum fluence you can tolerate.

She checks back at previously treated areas during a treatment session and adjusts the fluence during the session if necessary.

Long pulse widths are also available with the Lightsheer, up to 100 ms. But if you use the longest pulse widths it will take more time to treat an area.