Please, someone tell me to stop plucking

Here’s the deal. I have some hairs on my ears. On the inside sort of along the inside ridge, and some on the outside. I’m hoping to start electrolysis in a few weeks. Going for a consult next week.
Every couple of days, I go in with a tweezer and pluck the ones I can grab onto. But it’s really screwing up the sensitive skin on my ears. I usually come out bloody. And it’s really depressing to see my ears like that.
Tonight is another plucking night.
Tell me to stop and how bad it is

Stop plucking

Hank, You are going to damage Your skin. If You are unlucky, permanently. You should stop plucking the hair and cut it instead. As You are considering electrolysis - allow the hairs a length of 2-3 mm from now on. This will allow the collegue to work efficiently.

I won’t nag…but you can get those little Personna Disposable Eyebrow Shapers eyebrow shapers at Walgreens.