please someone help im desperate!

I’m 16 and female and started noticing hair on my body since puberty.I’m half Iranian so this is very much a genetic problem.I have very fine light brown/grey hair which although very fine is very noticable on my lower back and also a trail running up my belly to below the belly button. I feel so miserable and depressed i can’t go out withought worring whether my top slightly shows my lower back or my abdomen, everyday i just can’t stop thinking about it and it’s really affecting me.I’ve tried waxing but that just causes ingrown hairs and scars and you have to grow it all back out again before having it waxed again!I’ve been denied electrolysis on the basis that i’m too young and plus i think my lower back might be too large an area anyway.
Recently i’ve been thinking about laser and i’ve heard that IPL is the best but would it be the most effective for my colour of skin and hair? I’m also really confused about which type is the best, are Epilight, Aculight, Lightsheer all the same?? Does any one know of any good places in Birmingham England?
I’m just so depressed and desperate, can anyone give me any suggestions?

Monica, I know that worried feeling. I have this bazaar problem on my neck and I can’t just cover it up with a shirt. From my research, waxing, tweezing and all that makes it grow back thicker. Do you feel that way? I’ve used the Sally Hanson Extra Strength cream bleach for the face and it’s worked well. I had to use it twice for it to really work so maybe you could give that a shot. Don’t worry to much, it’s an easy area to cover up. I’ve heard that epilight doesn’t work. I had several months of transdermal/microlosys which is a COMPLETE FAKE and actually caused my severe problem. It wasn’t that noticable before. Again, I FEEL YOUR PAIN, words can’t describe how embarrassed and awful I feel looking in the mirror and walking out of the house. Maybe we can reply in e-mail or private msg to kind of support each other. Read the hairfacts web site and maybe your mum can take you to a dermatologist who does laser. I’m going to one in a couple weeks. GO TO A FEW DIFFERENT DOCTORS to see what they have different to say, ya know? GOOD LUCK, I hope to hear from you soon!

Laser has helped me. I chose Lightsheer, but I have really light skin. I don’t think there is any limit on laser treatment areas. Men have their entire backs done!

Is it true there is an age limitation on electrolosis? I’ve never heard that before.

It may seem like it’s insurmountable, but it isn’t Monica. Just by taking small steps toward a solution you will begin to feel a lot better.

And don’t forget that you aren’t alone!

Hi Monica,

Try the Lasercare Clinic based at Dudley Road in Birmingham.

They have a variety of laser systems suited to various skin/hair types. I think they still offer a free test patch.

I’m asian and have had treatment for my beard and neck area on the ‘Lyra system’ for more than a year now and have seen satisfactory results.

Although, the results have not been permanent for most hairs, the hairs have become finer. A few hairs have not come back at all.

Once treated I experience a hair-free period for about 2 months (joy). I think this varies from individual to individual and the area being treated.

I’m sure they will have a suitable laser for your skin/hair color type.

Good Luck.