I’m Asian with coarse and black hair.
so… skin type 4 right?

I want effective and painless laser.
People say “no pain no gain”,but my skin is too sensitive
to say that.
Please select the best laser for me.
large size laser is perferred.
I was considering IPL, but this forum,
I read it is not effective as much as laser…so…

select one from Lightsheer, ND:Yag, and so on.

No laser that is effective will be totally painless. I would choose the Sciton Profile Nd:YAG. It has the best cooling system and will minimize the pain so that it is tolerable.


It sounds great,but as long as I need to do the lower half of my body, the laser is too small.
Can somebody tell me a laser with big spot size?

Have you done your research?
Your skin type is one of the most dangerous to do Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation on.

You also have a more selective, and guaranteed permanent solution with electrolysis.

Depending on your location, we may even have good practitioners listed for your area right here on the site.

Comfort can be attended to, however, you must endure some discomfort no matter what option you choose. You are making a change to your body here.

My greatest pet peeve here is that everyone wants to know who the best in their area, but so many people register and leave the location blank in their profile. We man not need to know your hobbies in your profile, but we do need to know your location to better help you.

I’m here in Vancouver ,BC, CANADA
So it will be hard for you to help me.
I whould go with coolglide laser even though the laser is quite small.

you’re looking into factors that are less important for good results. you need to find any Yag laser that is used by a very experienced tech for best results. if you don’t feel any pain at all, that means it’s not working and settings they’re using are too low to produce any results. concentrate on finding an experienced tech with any Yag such as Sciton, Lyra, Coolglide, GentleYag, etc. There is very little chance of any skin issues with these lasers, they’re meant for darker skin types. Just make sure the tech knows what they’re doing. spot size really is secondary. A good tech will know how to use any of these lasers well and will choose the best spot size.