Please Reassure Me.... :)

So I have signed up for laser hair removal with a LightSheer Diode Laser. Five treatments, one every 11-12 weeks, and a one or two year guarantee (depending on what part of the body we are talking about).

My friend just signed up somewhere else, where they have an Aurora IPL.

From what I can tell they are very similarly rated, but now I’m all worried that I made the wrong choice and should have gone with an IPL.

I’m pale skinned/slight beige tint I guess, and dark brown hair, hazel eyes.

Can someone just tell me that I didn’t make a mistake by spending all my monies on Lightsheer instead of IPL?

I’ve looked at the hairfacts pages, and historical forum posts, but I still just need someone to reassure me that I didn’t make a mistake and waste my money.

Rest assured, I think you made a good choice.

I can only tell you from my own experience that the lightshear has worked better on me than the Aurora IPL.

I am light skinned, with dark hair.

I agree. I have been having Lightsheer treatments and I am very happy so far. I only get slight scabbing on the first one or two treatments. And I think that is simply because of the size of the hair and with every treatment the hair becomes thinner and the trauma and recovery time get less. I have type 3 skin (very light olive) and dark hair. You also sound like a good candidate. And I would be more wary of the person doing your treatments, as that type of machine has success rates, but the operator may not be experienced enough to know how to use it properly.
Keep us updated Good Luck :smile: