Please read this first before starting IPL or Laser hair removal

You can end up hairier after laser/IPL sessionS !!!

I have more & more clients came to me for electrolysis after laser & IPL hair removal failure.

In many cases, laser & IPL can provide significant hair reduction if done properly without clients ended up with more hair. But it is painful & Hair FOLLICLES need to show the sign of inflammation few minutes after Laser or IPL. But how many would want to undergo through this, so many ended up with painless or less painful treatments.

To prevent or minimise paradoxical hypertrichosis, the following should be avoided:
– Avoid having any laser/IPL treatments over area where there is no hair & where there is vellus, fine hair.
– Avoid having undertreatments by ensuring that your HAIR FOLLICLES become inflamed few minutes after the light beam hitting u. The more pronounced follicle inflammation the better & the sign to indicate some damage to hair follicles. But not too high the setting that burn you, therefore patch test is super duper important.

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I wish more people come to read the info I posted before starting their very first laser/IPL treatment, including DIY

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