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Aurora Syneron Hair removal (white hair)

The combination of both radio-frequency and optical energy in the Syneron system, known as ELOS technology, is an innovative and exciting development in the treatment of hair removal," commented Dr. Jerome Garden. “With this approach, one may achieve hair reduction while minimizing the applied light energy and its associated undesired side effects. There is the potential to more safely treat a broader range of hair and skin colors. This technology should also have application for other skin processes that have previously benefited from laser and pulsed light systems.”

Added Domenic Serafino, President-North America of Syneron Inc.: “We are very excited to offer today’s most advanced technology for the quick, gentle, safe and effective removal of unwanted body hair. The clinical study and experience from the field proves that our unique ELOS technology is superior to any light based technology for the long-term removal of all hair and skin types, including blond, red and gray hair. Prior to ELOS technology, photon-based hair removal systems only targeted the melanin within the hair shaft in order to damage the follicle. ELOS technology targets the entire follicle as its primary target, which provides superior results.”

About Aurora DS
The Aurora DS hair removal system is designed to provide maximum safety and efficacy in removing unwanted hair from all parts of the body regardless of skin or hair type, with minimal patient discomfort Based on Syneron’s proprietary ELOS (Electro-Optical Synergy) technology, Aurora DS utilizes a unique combination of light energy, conducted RF and cooling, enabling highly selective targeting of the follicle and shaft. Effective cooling and skin impedance monitoring enables fully controllable treatment.

About Syneron
Syneron is dedicated to maximizing the synergy between electrical energy and optical energy to provide advanced solutions for a broad range of medical-aesthetic applications. The Company’s innovative patent-pending ELOS technology provides the foundation for highly efficient, safe and cost-effective systems that enable physicians and medical professionals to offer new and improved services to their patients. Founded in 2000, Syneron’s R&D headquarters, Syneron Medical Ltd., is located in Israel. Its sales, service and support subsidiary, Syneron Inc. is located in Toronto, Canada. Please visit

I am quite skeptical of Syneron’s claims, and I’ll be completing a report on them soon. I have their clinical reports and press kit on my desk, but I have other things to deal with first.

Dr. Garden is a nice guy, but he was also involved in the disastrous Microwave hair removal project. There are similarities with Syneron’s claims and the unsubstantiated MW Medical claims.

Bottom line: I’d hold off on Syneron for now.

Andrea, in an old post (from 2002) you mentioned that Jerome Garden would be your choice of practitioner, if you were to have LHR. In light of his involvement with the “microwave hair removal disaster,” and any other information you may have, would Dr. Garden still be your choice for LHR?

I am in Chicago, trying to find the best LHR practitioner here. You seem to be the most informed unbiased person on the subject, so your opinion is very valuable to me. Thanks

My doctor never got involved in the microwave hair removal system as he didn’t think it was workable and was not satisfied with the incidence of side effects. He said that the Syneron is a different concept. I know for one thing it does not use microwave frequencies on the RF part.


Anything new on this? I recently had a consultation with Laser Cosmetica in NY. They use the Aurora system and I am anxious to hear feedback from others.