Please help!!

I have an appointment next Monday with a clinic that uses a candela Gentleyag. My question is regarding the treatment. I want my hair treated on a straight line, Is there anything I can do to block off the parts that are not supposed to be hit. Is there a white tape that I can put on my face to cover it? I was thinking maybe they can use those thick cloth like medical tapes, will they melt under the laser? Please help me, I wanna figure this out before I show up for my treatment. I need this treatment to be spot on, and don’t want any spots missed or take chances that my hair line will be uneven. Thank You for your help

This is for Beard shaping.

They should have a white or red marker that perhaps you could use to draw boundaries.

Of course, there is the precision of electrolysis to do this for you. Nothing on this earth compares to the client holding a mirror to direct the Electrologist as she or he removes only the hairs the client wants removed.

Here is an example of beard sculpting on a young man who directed me on what hairs he wanted removed. This is right after a 90 minute treatment, so you see swelling and redness and aloe vera gel on his treated areas.

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Quite a few people have already pointed out to him that laser cannot be specific and electrolysis can. He wasn’t interested. I’d say save your effort for when he comes back in another six months with bald patches and asks how to grow the hair back :wink:

Okay. :confused:

How much would an electrologist charge? How long does it take for an area on the cheeks? Can you refer any good ones in the Bay Area?

If I was in California, hands down the person I would see is Michael Bono in Santa Barbara. He’s about $90 an hour, and he could give you a better estimate of time than anyone I know. Try messaging him here.


Hi Seana …

About a month ago, I raised my rates from $70 to $80 per hour, and I STILL feel guilty about it. We’re moving into a new office in two months and my costs will be going up. But it’s all worth it, I love what the surgeon has done in the place and the artwork is amazing! (I love all types of art and will sometimes “go hungry” to buy a piece. See, you know what “happens” to ALL food; but ART … that lasts!)

There is an amazing electrologist in the “Bay Area” … I know this, because one of my patients goes to her. I’m zapping off the body hair and she already completed the beard work (BEAUTIFUL flawless work). She uses her own method of “straight DC-electrolysis” and does a LOT of beard work with super results. Perhaps a tiny bit “slower” (?), but the results are perfect skin. Oh, the kid said that the scabbing was a bigger than my work … but, there is NO CONSEQUENCE to this whatsoever. Common scabs from DC are mostly (clear; then dries) blood serum … not “burned tissue.” It sort of bubbles-up.

If I weren’t so mentally “goofed up” with all my (frightening) medical “Dreck,” I would have phoned her by now. I need to speak to her. Her name is SUSAN LAIRD, and she’s in Fremont. (I love when people develop their own special techniques … love love love!)

Oh, my website says “$90 per hour” … that’s sort of a “pipe dream” for the future.

I’ve spoken to Susan. Actually, I once got quite a bit of flack for mentioning her site here.I still have an awful lot of respect for someone who can extract some of the leftovers of thermolysis done badly with the skill she seems to though.


My electrologist charges me $60/hour, and that’s by downtown Los Angeles. There’s a big range: I’ve gotten as low as $55/hr and as high as $100/hr among electrologists all in the same area. Without pictures, it’s impossible to give a time estimate

Thanks for the “Shuld” Brenton! Okay, so now I’ll be offering free “Forshpeiz?”

BTW … I’m going to be making an appointment with our “Hollywood gal” … a few hairs came in on my old back! (GOOD price and she does great work!)