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i am new here and i wasnt sure where to post this.i have unique problem with my 6 year old doughter.i m hairy girl myself,but ive learned to leave with and around it,and my husband doesnt mind the hairs at daughter already has a lot of hairs on her arms ,lower back and legs,and there are some growing on her upper lip and face.i get really depressed over this,i cant sleep and i worry that shell have to go thru same things in school like i did,and she doesnt dezerve that,because she is so beatyfull little girl.i m wondering is there anything to slow and reduce hair growth or anything that i could do for her in early taking her to a physisian or something,i have no idea what to do.i am desparate,really.any input would be helpful,and like i said earlier,she is only 6 years old


Hi - firstly, welcome to the site!! :smile:
Andrea’s created a real gold mine here - the members are great, and I’m sure you’ll find lots of help and support here!

I would suspect that your daughter’s hairs are a genetic thing, as she is only 6.

However, I’d certainly recommend taking her to your doctor to get her hormone levels checked. She shouldn’t be producing much, as she’s yet to reach puberty (I assume!?). But maybe she and you have over active adrenal glands (adrenal glands produce a form of testosterone, and testosterone causes body hair to grow thicker and darker).

If her levels are normal (and I suspect they will be), then maybe you could consider laser to get her hairs zapped as they grow. Hopefully if you get them while they’re young and not yet established, you’ll get better results.
(You’ll get good results with laser if she has a fair skin and dark hair - otherwise, you might have to resort to electrolysis which is very slow.)

And in between, you could take her to a beauty therapist’s to get them bleached or waxed.

Good luck!! I really really feel for you - please let us know how things go…

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Hi ethienne,

My daughter has dark hair also… She hasn’t expressed any concern about it(she is still very young as well), but I have been secretly putting $$ aside for her in the event that she lets me know that she is having a problem with it. I wish that I had been able to financially afford to have my hair permanantly removed when I was younger, so I want it to be available to my daughter if she feels self-conscious about her hair. I try to be very careful about my attitude about my own self-image as well as my daughter’s, so I will never be the first one to bring up the subject of her hair…but I want to be prepared to offer emotional and finacial support if she ever wants it.

As usual, Toni has lots of great advice to offer. I would also like to reinforce that you have her checked by an endocrinologist to make sure that her hormone levels are correct. She may even be entering into puberty too early and there are ways to slow that down. I also want to add that I have personally been using Vaniqa on my upper lip with great success…I don’t know if it is an option for a six year-old, but it might be something to ask her doctor about.

I wish both of you lots of good luck and hope that you will keep us updated!


thanks for the advice.i will take her to the doctor,childrens doctor first,is my guess,and shell know where to take her next.i think i better start saving money for her too,cuz shell definetely need it.i m almost certain that her hormone levels are ok,because my mom is hairy,i am hairy,so i think its just hereditary factor at work husband doesnt want to hear about laser hair removal,he watched that woman with skin burns from laser on discovery chanell,and he says that couple hairs is not worth the risk. so ill just pray to god that they think of something for permanent hair removal in the next couple of years,and i know a lot of us would be really happy about it:)anyway,ill post again,once ive checked with the doctor. thanks,guys!