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I recently decided to try some type of body hair removal and had some problems. For my background, I have a lot of hair and I think it is fairly thick. I also have fairly pale skin. I tried shaving and then waxing in a couple of areas that would not be seen if I did not get the result I wanted (stomach and upper leg). I think to remove hair I would have to go with waxing instead of shaving because with my light skin and dark hair, you can see the hair below the skin even right after I shaved it. I also had to go against the grain because shaving with the grain left about a mm of hair above the skin. I also tried the Nair for men that should let the hair wipe away. It left stubble and red skin.

My biggest problem is that I got little red bumps within just a couple of hours after shaving and after waxing. Some appeared instantly. It has been about 3 days and they are not gone. It is almost like a rash. Has anyone seen this problem before? I have read most of the posts here and I can’t tell if my problem is the same as some of the others or not. I don’t think it is ingrown hairs because it happens to quick (although I think ingrown will be a problem also if I wax).

The “Tend Skin” seams to be a popular product with exeryone here. Would that work for me? I have also seen exfoliating mentioned a lot. If someone thinks that would work, please be very specific on what it is, how to do it, where to buy what you need for to exfoliate. I have no idea what it is.

Also, if I can find a way to do this without getting the red spots I thought about just doing the upper body at first. But that would probably look strange wouldn’t it? I wear shorts a lot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


If you have a lot of hair, then the shaving may present a problem, esp. if your skin does not take kindly to it…

The biggest problem with Waxing is the chance for ingrowns… And that is why many people are recommending exfoliating…

Exfoliating is basically using a physical method to remove the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin that may block or otherwise trap a hair beneath the surface, often making it turn back on itself or coil up.

To exfoliate, you can choose many methods, from a loofah sponge or loofah gloves (my favourite) that are available at most pharmacies (drug stores) or the local variety store… may have to venture into aisles you have not been before, but it is not too scary… quite interesting in fact… LOL you can use these products in combination with a mild soap, preferable non-perfumed something like a baby soap or dove brand soap…

There are also preparations with grit or such in them that you massage your skin with, but they tend to be expensive to use on more than your face and neck…

Basically, gentle scrubbing of the skin to remove dirt and dead skin cells is going to keep the pores from clogging up and preventing the new hair from emerging…

Good luck,


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I have seen that you respond to a lot of the postings. Thanks for the help with my problems. But do you know of anything like the red bumps that I develope shortly after? That is really what is keeping me from trying this.



I am not sure I understand exactly what you are experiencing? are you talking of red bumps, pimple-like? are you talking of just red spots? are you talking of red areas with tiny scabs on them? or just a rash-looking area?
Have you tried dotting on cornstarch over the epilated / shaved area right after putting on neosporin, aloe or some antibacterial and soothing product after shaving/ epilating?

Whenever I epilate, I use an antibacterial cream and then some aloe on the area, followed by dusting the area with cornstarch. Then, my skin gets soothed and I don’t get any nasty bumps afterwards. The cornstarch also seems to work as a film that protects my skin from the chaffing against clothes, that in turn often irritate and make any kind of mark, wound or scar worse or more obvious.

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The red spots are not pimple-like. Just red spots that are slightly raised where the hair was.


Ok, I get it. Sounds like your skin just reacts very strongly to the aggression of shaving / epilating by the normal, yet strong, inflammatory response (the body reacts to the aggression by increasing blood flow to the “harmed” area).

I suggest trying the following:

  1. apply an ice cube, wrapped in a clean washcloth for a few minutes over the area, to soothe the skin and diminish inflammation.

  2. put on some Neosporin or some cream containing some antibiotic and/or antiseptic substance, to avoid infection.

  3. apply some light aloe vera gel or vitamin E. The gels work better than creams because they feel cooler, which soothes the skin, and because they are less likely to clog pores.

  4. apply some ice again (not directly over the skin, use a towel or something).

  5. pat dry (do not rub)

  6. dust cornstarch or talc over the area, without rubbing or touching the area, if possible.

  7. pat off any excess cornstarch powder, GENTLY, and … get back to your everyday’s life :smile: .


I think you are talking about the ‘Plucked chicken’ look that I sometimes get for a few hours after a waxing… it is, as far as I can tell, a localised inflammation of the follicle where the hair was… I normally go home and have a cool shower after waxing, and any problems just fade away in a few hours… or overnight at worst… Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, and that your skin is not dry to start with…




Thank you both for the input. I will try what you said. 1 other question. What if all the hair does not come off? Do it again?


Some hair may break off when being waxed… not many, but a few may… Otherwise, the person waxing you will reapply the cloth strip and even more wax if needed to make sure the hairs are all removed… you will love the difference having no hair…

Soothe the skin, and look after it, and you should be fine within a day or so…

Good luck, let us know how you got on…



Help me with a couple more questions if you will.
First, that list of 6 from Elenacam. Should I do all of those? Seams like it will get pretty messy putting cornstarch on after Neosporin and aloe. Or should I do just one of those things.

Second, should I trim the hair before doing this or the longer the better? Some I have on the chest area is probably 2 inches if pulled straight.

Thanks again.


I think ElenaCam was offering alternatives, not a six step program…

As for hair length, between 6 and 12mm (1/4 to 1/2 inch) would be a good length, too long and the hair gets matted, too short and you don’t have enough of it for the wax to grip effectively…

You may be able to trim it with scissors, though what I would use would be the Wahl type trimmer that a barber would use to give you a ‘short back and sides’ haircut maybe a number 2 or 3… then you get a consistent length and an easy task to do…



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</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Originally posted by Bob 385:
<strong>Help me with a couple more questions if you will.
First, that list of 6 from Elenacam. Should I do all of those? Seams like it will get pretty messy putting cornstarch on after Neosporin and aloe. Or should I do just one of those things.
</strong></font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>IHH is right, mine is a list of options, which I put in that order because it is what works, in that order, for me :smile: . That’s all. You don’t have to try it all. Personally (but that’s for me, for my type of skin) they key “step” or procedure is to use some cooling gel or cream and cornstarch afterwards.

As for the hair lenght’s, I also agree with IHH. Too long hair often results in OUCH :smile: .


Well, thanks for all the help, but I’m afraid I will have to give this one up. I tried it 2 days ago and still have the pink spots. Fortunately I only did it in a small area to try it. I actually bled out of some of the places where the hair was on my stomach. At least there wasn’t much pain. Thanks again for trying to help.