Please help, skin severly irritated!

I know there is another question like mine on this forum, but I just wanted to make sure that the answer to her question would apply to me as well. I recently (about 2 days ago) had all of my facial hair removed using the method of threading. It was the first time I had ever had my hair removed by threading. When I first left the salon, my face was red; however, by the end of the day, my forehead was completely covered in small bumps and there were red dots all over my cheeks. I thought by now any reaction to the threading would have subsided, but the condition has worsened. I also have a couple of small cuts, one on my upper cheek and one on my earlobe, both appeared after my hair was removed. I had my hair removed at a training college, so the woman was not a professional. I’m wondering if the reaction on my face is normal after threading, or if it maybe had something to do with the woman who performed the threading? Is there any way to help the rash subside and soothe my irritated skin? Is this permanent? I do not have very dark skin, I am a mix of Jamaican/Italian, but my skin is quite fair; does this have anything to do with the severity of my rash? Some of my face (upper lip) was waxed and I do not have any rash there. Some of the irritations look like pimples and I think I AM starting to get whiteheads! I’m very worried. I have washed my face with an exfoliating cleanser many times after getting threaded. Should I avoid putting things like creams/toners on my face? Thanks for any advice/info, and sorry my message is so long!

Sorry to hear about your problems! :frowning:

It’s possible her inexperience caused the additional irritation, but it may have been unsanitary conditions. In either case, it’s important to help the area heal:

  1. Don’t pop any whiteheads-- you might consider touching them with some Tend Skin or acne medication on a Q-Tip.

  2. Use 100% aloe gel to soothe the area.

  3. Cleanse your face, but don’t use buffing agents or facial scrubs which can cause further irritation

  4. Avoid the sun.

  5. Always wash your hands before touching your face, and try to keep your face clean and not too sweaty.

If it doesn’t resolve itself over the weekend, you might consider visiting a dermatologist or your physician.

Thank-you for all your help.

I haven’t been able to find “Tend Skin,” but I will try everything else you mentioned.

Your website is extremely helpful, thank you for providing this wonderful service.

you’ll find Tend Skin at Sally’s or other beauty supply stores only; probably not at a drugstore.