Please help, post electro care

I am a huge fan of natural healing …i know lavender is an antiseptic and healer of burns. Coco oil, honey, shea butter, rose hip oil …can any /all of these be used to promote good healing post electro on the face? My face was done today and all went well ! I was given a tea tree lotion to put on for two days but thought i had read about not using lotion on afterwards and I also do not know what the full ingredient list is . I am very into natural skin care and have many of the products mentioned above …I wonder if these oils mentioned might be better than the lotion?

You could use tea tree oil instead of the tea tree gel, and use pure aloe vera gel (the kind you have to refrigerate) to help speed up healing (both we often recommend here.)

Personally I only use tea tree oil and aloe vera the first few days to a week, because in my experience using other oils/lotions during that time can actually delay healing.

Tea tree oil is really just as an antibacterial. I don’t think it’s going to help your skin heal. I also wouldn’t use it beyond the first day or two; this is the time during which you are prone to whiteheads.

Aloe Vera is good a protective, moisturising layer. Manuka honey can work in the same way and also has antibacterial properties.

Of the things you listed, my preferred is rosehip oil. I use this as a moisturiser (it’s the best moisturiser I’ve ever used) and do believe it helps fade PIH quicker. It’s not an essential oil. It can be used on eczema or acne prone skin - in fact, I gave some to my cousin and friend (for her toddler nephew) and they both could not stop telling me how well it had worked for their eczema.

Your skin doesn’t need anything for healing but I like to keep my skincare natural anyway and this is an essential part of my routine to keep my skin looking fresh and soft.

HAd it done at noon yesterday. Today My skin looks good, just a little bumpy feeling and as always my skin is always very dry. Stopitup, can i use the honey or the rosehip oil to moisturize the skin today or do i have to avoid all oils for a week.
Thanks so much…all of this is making me think of joining this profession!

make that Dry and itchy.Not sure if the aloe just dries it out more?

I would be hesitant to suggest.

When I had my shorter blend treatments, where the swelling and redness would go down the same day, and the next day my skin looked normal, I’d would use my rosehip oil as normal the next morning (after witch hazel water which is my regular toner).

When I had facial treatment with Josefa, so a lot of work in a short time, I avoided anything (apart from gentle washing) until the swelling had gone day, so about 3 days later. I was very careful with applying the oil, so as not to rub the skin and disturb the formed scabs, but that’s it. But my skin was ‘dry’. There was no weeping or crusts.

I would give it another few days.

THanks Stop. One of my specialties is all natural body care products and normally I make all my own skin care with these sort of fab ingredients. Being out of town and concerned about doing the wrong thing when it came to electrolysis which i am not an expert in, I trusted the place i had it done and have used only the creme they gave me. I did not use the bright green tea tree gel as i could tell right away that it had green dye…but the creme seems fairly natural and she told me it was an antiseptic with tea tree and to apply frequently. I wrote here and I called to ask about the ingredients were but only heard back late today and i discovered that what i have been slathering on my sensitive skin and just intensively treated electro face is :Aqua, paraffinum liquidum, melaleuca alternifolia (5%), glycerine, isopropyl myristate, stearic cid, glycol stearate, isopropyl lanolate, triethanolamine, carbomer, cetearyl alcohol, sodium laureth sulphate, propylene glycol, diazolidinyl urea, methylparaben, propylparaben, limonene, linalool, coumarine, parfum.
YIKES! SO i am glad i didn’t react ,as I never use this crap, never mind when my skin has just been intensively probed. Now i just wonder if my face can handle the wash and the switch up to my own oils etc. Now I know. Anyhow my face seems stable and no longer red ,just bumpy and slightly itchy. I hope it doesn’t react by a gentle wash. I will apply honey to heal if that sounds ok…

I use a tea tree oil cream all the time, and it works well. I tested it on my own skin a bunch of times before I started applying it on clients. Australian tea tree leaf oil is the second ingredient, with different other herbal oils and extracts, and some alcohols. Not every unfamiliar name in the ingredients list means something bad.