Ok, things are really going awful for me. I am around 21 years old and about four years ago I started growing large amounts of dark hair on my thighs stomach and backside. It came out of no where really. I went to see a doctor who checked my hormone levels and everything was fine. He put me on spironolactine which didn’t work so I decided to go to an electrolysist. I have been getting treatments for about a year now and there is a difference but more just keeps on growing. I know my elctrolysist is highly respected and has had many pleased clients. Therefor either i am expecting big things too fast or I am not responding to the treatments.

At this point, I don’t know what to do anymore. This is something that Im afraid I just can’t live with but i have no where to turn. DO I keep going with the treatments or are there any alternative things I can do? As, i have tried shaving but the hair is too coarse and grows back in hours and waxing hasn’t worked. Would laser hair removal be a better alternative for me?

I would really appreciate anyones help on this because I am desperate willing to do whatever it takes.

I think that first of all you should find a doctor who is willing to take you in for treatment under medical insurance (if you have medical insurance that is) That way you won’t have to pay for the electrolysis out of pocket.

I know that you said that you had your hormones checked and i would think that if you try to get that same doctor to help you cover your costs by insurance he might not want to do the appropriate paperwork. But you should look for another who will.

Just as an example, i had a genetic deformity of the right ear which made is stick out a lot more than the left. Well, it was always considered a plastic surgery to have it fixed. Even i though so, but when i finally got the money to have it done the doctor said, let me try to have your insurance pay for it. If they deny the claim and say that it was NOT necessary but only a “beautifying” plastic procedure, then we would have lost nothing. Well, they approved it b/c it was a birth defect.

So anyway, long story short. There is nothing else that will permanently remove your hair, so find a way to make it more affordable and brace yourself for the long but worthwhile ride.

i just want to ask you a couple of questions about your situation if you don’t mind. you said you notice a difference but hair keeps growing. do you mean that it keeps growing but less and less grows back? how often have you been getting treated over this last year (weekly, monthly, etc.) and for how long each time? When you were treated was the electrologist able to completely clear all the hair in the area he/she was working on? so for instance if you had your stomach worked on, did you walk out from each appointment with no hair in that area? And also, how quickly does it grow back? My own situation is somewhat similar. I have very fine light brown hair on my lower back, backside, and most areas of my upper legs. I want to get all of it removed at some point but haven’t started any work on it. My stomach has coarse hair from the belly button down and some very fine hair (peach fuzz) right above that. I had the stomach worked on about two weeks ago and my electrologist cleared the area. I am waiting for it to grow back with some real substance to get it done again, it grows MUCH slower than the hair on my face. By the way, I had been plucking the hair on my stomach for years so the follicles are very distorted.

Hi Eva:

If you have darker hair, such as black or brown then laser will certainly help to reduce the hair quantity. It doesn’t work on blonde or very light hair. Laser is very expensive however, but can do a large area fairly quickly.

I agree with the poster who said that your medicare should cover this, especially if it a hormonal problem. They should also consider some other kind of antiandrogen if spiro is not working. It does take a while to see the effects though.


I do have darker hair on all the areas that i want treated. About how much would it cost to have the upper legs, a little line up my belly and patches on my back done. Also,how is the pain compared to electro?

Hi Eva:

I think you would have to check with the places in your area. I just had it done on my face with Lightsheer Laser Diode. I got 6 sessions at $375 canadian each, then follow ups were free.

I found the pain to be fairly strong in some areas of the face, but my sessions were usually much shorter than regular electrolysis.They can cover larger areas fairly quickly. I did have a pretty dense beard though, so it tended to cause some snapping sounds, and cause smudging on the skin. The hairs which are killed work their way to the surface on their own.

I go for 2 hour sessions on my face with regular electrolysis, so at the end of the 2 hours all my pain killers, emla etc. are wearing off. Plus getting a lot of work in one area tends to wear on you at the end of the session.

I would ask around about laser prices and guarantees. They should also do a free patch test to give you some idea of the pain involved and your skins reaction to it.


Did you find this to be permanent once its done then? And will it work if electro didn’t. That is my worry.

Thanks for the advice, I will talk to my doctor and see what he says about insurance because there is a lot of money going down the drain and I am just a part time working and full time college student.

Yeah, i meant that it keeps growing but less is coming through. I see me electrolysist once a week for an hour each session. If she is workgin lets say, on the back of my leg, she does get it cleared in one session but it grows back in about two weeks.

Hi Eva:

I am sorry for your hair problems. I know it must bother you a lot.

Laser will permanently get rid of some of the hair, but probably not all. But it is expensive as I mentioned.

Electrolysis will permanently get rid of all the hair, but it is slow, and you have to stick with it. Believe me that it is working, and some of what you see is probably new growth.

You are young, and have lots of time to get rid of the hair. It may take you a year or so though.

If you have a hormonal problem, best to get that under check. I have been on 100 mg spironolactone 2 times per day
and that has slown down my body hair growth, but dries me out. You probably would not need as much as me, or perhaps something else may work better on you.


But, see I have been doing it for a year and she hasn’t even finished one area. It just seems like at this rate i will be there for over 3 years.

Are ready to search for another one or two electrologists so you can compare speed and results? I hope you have a few others that are not geographically out of reach for you.


Hi Eva:

I have spent 2 years on my face so far and am not done yet either. I must admit that at times I found that aspect disturbing, but I am finally seeing that eventually my face will be clear.

The difference from when I started is really amazing. It does take a lot of patence though, and I do find it painful at certain times.

Stick to it and you will win.


Thanks for everyones advice. I think for now i will just sit down and be patient and see how it goes.