PLease help me chose the right laser...

HI all, Im having a really difficult time chosing what laser is better for my skin tone I think Im a type 3 and have black corse hair Im white but not pale and not olive skin so in between. I found a few places that have The Candela GentleLase, Lightsheer Diode and the Altus Coolglide. I don’t wanna get burned and I want good results. PLease help me! lol

All three lasers would be OK. The Altus Coolglide would be the safest but the least effective. The Diode is the second safest. My preference would be the Gentlelase with medium energy ( 14-16 Joules ) to start and then adjust energies accordingly, based on your skin tone.

I agree with Romeo.
My experience (type III skin with dark hairs) was not quite satisfactory with the Coolglide. The reduction was there, but not as much as I had hoped. I had done a fair amount of research beforehand (and had narrowed it down to the same three lasers that you have) but in retrospect I feel that I chose the wrong one.
I’m planning to use the GentleLASE for my upcoming sessions, with the Lightsheer as my second choice if I can’t find a good GentleLASE clinic.
One of the best resources that I have found for a breakdown of the different laser technologies is actually from a manufacturer site at
An excellent breakdown of the absorption rates at different wavelengths.
Hope that helps.

I would go for GentleLASE if they can use effective settings of at least 16 joules or so on your skin without burning it. If not, then LightSheer would be next best. Also, settings and experienced techs are very important when choosing a clinic.