Please HELP Laser Hair Removal for Legs


My appointment is this weekend and I found a place I feel comfortable using but I’ve never tried any type of hair removal before other than shaving. The more I think about doing this treatment, the more skeptical I’m becoming. First there’s the price, which is pretty high so I really want to get my money’s worth. Secondly, I’m starting to question whether this is the right method for me (I’m asian with black hair and fairly light skin in the winter time). Also, is it wise to have both legs in entirety done in one day? Or will the pain and complications get me? Please help!


Zinny: What kind of laser are they using? With your skin type (did they give you a Fitzpatrick rating?) and dark hair, you should have good results. I am concerned about your statement regarding complications (pain is subjective - I’ve had all of my treatments without any analgesia, but everyone is different). There should be NO complications if the right machine and settings are used. If you are at all unsure, call them up and ask more questions - it’s your right to do that, after all it’s your money and skin they are dealing with. Let us know what they say. ciao!


They said that they are using the Diode laser, which they also claim to be the only type approved by the FDA to permanently remove hair. Now, from what I’ve seen on these boards is that there is no such thing. Is it true that it’s just reduction that I could hope for?


I had the diode used on my legs twice now. The first session didn’t go so well (I got burned), but that was 6 months ago and the burns have healed.

In my experiences, laser is for reduction. That’s probably why the FDA approves the Diode laser for “permanent reduction”. Every session lightens the pigment of about 15% of the hairs. Some hairs are growth-slowed, but they all eventually seem to come back either the same, barely noticable, or somewhere in between. It really depends on your skin and hair type, and how fast your body repairs the folicles I imagine.

I should add that it took about 45 minutes for lower, and another 45 minutes for upper legs. However I wouldn’t advise having both done on the same day, especially if you’re using topical anesthetic. That much Lyddocaine/Prylocaine can make you dizzy or sick.

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Zinny: They are wrong. All lasers, whether Diode, Alexandrite or NDYag are FDA approved for permanent “reduction”. You must realize that there is no procedure that removes all hair permanently (yes, I know electrologists will scream at me that they have FDA permanent removal status, but it’s just semantics - the reduction level is the same). The problems you are having are common with the Diode laser - we used to have one but got rid of it in favor of the NDYag. You must avoid the sun completely and let the pigmentation clear. Try to find a practitioner with an NDYag long-pulse laser to continue your treatments. At the right settings you should see results.


thanks you guys for all the input. This is really helping me to at least ask the right questions when I go for my appointment. The only thing bothering me is that the place I was leaning towards using only gave me a consultation by phone and told me that they would do that rest at the actual appointment. Is this something that I should be worried about?

I called them back to ask them if they could do a patch test first since I felt uncomfortable going to a place where they only gave me a phone consultation. They were more than happy to arrange one for me.

Also, this place is quite a bit cheaper that most of the other places I’ve considered (they charge $1000 for the first three treatments and then an additional $250 for each treatment after that). Does this sound reasonable?


That price sounds average actually beacause people correct me if I am wrong but you will probably need at least 5 treatments to achevie results as each treament only yields a 10-15% reduction and I have the asian background too. I went to advanced laser clinics and was told I would need 5 treaments and there package was pay for 4 and get the 5th one for free so I got quoted 1600 and you get a 2 year warranty. They use the diode laser which is the lightsheer. Post here if you have any other questions. Since your in LA they have several locations out here let me know if you want the names of people who you wanna talk to and ill post them here

Good luck and hoped that help


That would be great biker. I called the Advanced Laser place in Pasadena and their initial quote was $400 for the upper leg and $500 for the lower. It sounded kinda steep to me but if you could give me a list I could call them and compare some more.


I have my first appointment this afternoon with Advanced Laser Clinics for upper legs only. I also had a consultation with the super-fancy place here, but I didn’t really see any difference in anything except the price and the art work. I think you should have a consultation with a person, though. I felt better after meeting with people who saw my skin tone, etc…

I’m fair skinned with fairly dark hair on the backs of my upper legs (it’s peace fuzz in front). My quote was $239 for each treatment or $956 for five if pre-paid (one free). I’m going to ask them about their policy if I don’t decide to go through with all five…

Good luck! I’m pretty nervous, but I’m hoping and praying for the best.


Hey Zinny,

I think you got another one that has a similar name but is a different company beacause I see your location is Los Angeles and the only two out here are in Irvine and La Jolla and Ive got my first consulatation and test spot at La Jolla and they all seem like great people who work with you!! If you want the name of the person who to ask for down there let me know and I’ll let you know. The Irvine one is okay but for me the La Jolla one I felt more comfortable with more details if you want.