please help i know someone can!

Hello i have been posting this in so many diff forums and NO ONE Has been able to help me i dont get why! am looking for a really good shaver that is electric or whatever that i can use to EASILY ROMVE ALL body hair including chest back and bottom hairs. I JUST Want to get the best one out there that will do the job fast easy and smoothly. IF ANYONE else has any experience with REALLY Good shavers please tell me! thankss

i am also willing to buy over the net

Well, I hope I can help you a little. I use the Gillette Sensor Excel on many parts of my body and it works great. This is a manual razor and with any manual razor you would be likely to cut yourself if you used it on an area you can’t see well, such as your back. I’m sorry, but I don’t have much experience with electric shavers so I can’t really give a recommendation there. Just FYI, I also use a Braun Silk Epil Eversoft epilator which is good for my legs and lasts longer than shaving.