Please help i have very excessive hairgrowth due to PCOS

I have suffered with excessive hairgrowth since i was 13 it is so bad now that i feel more like a man than a woman. I cant wear swimmers or anything that shows my stomach, I am even embarrased to get undressed in front of my fiance!
I am thinking of buying the Epen. I need to know if it at least reduces hairgrowth?? please help i dont want to be hairy on my wedding day!!!
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E-pen won’t help you. When you describe yourself as being excessively hairy, that means you need electrolysis or laser over a long period of time. I wish it could be easier.

The best plans for success are deciding which area is the most troublesome and taking appropriate action with methods that can bring you needed relief in the shortest amount of time. There is no “quick-before-my-wedding day” fix for permanent hair removal because we are dealing with hair growth that keeps coming to the surface in cycles over a period of one year.

If your abdomen is too hairy, you can do temporary measures such as waxing, shaving and then get it permanently removed when things settle down after your wedding. Since I am an electrologist, I can only tell you that it usually takes about an hour of work to notice a huge improvement as we begin to remove the coarse dark hair first. The thinning process continues next appointment and so on until you have the look you want. Maintenance is needed for the remainder of months to catch new growth that comes to the surface. Permanency is yours in 9-12 months if you are a loyal dog to the process.

Would you mind filling in on your profile where you are located?


I don’t think i can afford electolysis.
My fiance does not understand how big a deal it is for me he says he loves me just the way i am but it is a self image thing i am not comfortable with the way i look <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />
I just wish there was an esier way because my fiance will never pay for electrolysis.

Do you have a job? Can you pay for electrolysis?

no i don’t have a job i am a stay at home mum

Well, then, that’s very understandable. I guess your best choice is to have a heart to heart talk with your fiance and see if you can change his mind or just do temporary methods until the day comes when you can better afford electrolysis. Since this is the internet and I can’t see you, I can’t even estimate how much it may cost or how many treatments you might need. There are other variables that come into play also that makes it hard to pinpoint costs concerns, too. If you could just go to a couple electrologists for a consultation, maybe you could offer your fiance some information that would change his “no” to “yes”. I wish there was an easier way…

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Dear Rosi,

FIRST: count your blessings that you are experiencing mutual love where your partner’s love has not waned as a result of your PCOS.

NEXT: get the medical profession to help you as PCOS can eventually effect other bodily systems.

NEXT: look into bartering and speak with electrologists about this as a possibility. Perhaps you can exchange one service for another.

In the USA, bartering is a legal term and the IRS gets involved. Find out about the legal ramification of bartering in your country as in some, like mine, it must be reported in our income taxes.

Good Luck,

You may also want to get a copy of “The Diet Cure” by Julia Ross, where you may find things you can do with changes in your nutrition that will halt your PCOS.

i also have had alot of hair on body since i was around 13! around my upper leg, stomach, arms, bottom, chest, chin, around my sideburns and jaw and upper lip, its not very hairy like a man but it is still very noticable and has thickened alot over the past years due to shaving and plucking.It has ruined my confidence and i get very depressed that i cant go and enjoy myself at the local pool or beach. My partner is willing to pay for it in anyway he can BUT i am VERY unsure on what treatment i should get for it?? some people have told me laser is very affective?? i tried IPL twice and i couldnt get anymore because i fell pregnant. do you have to go several times for treatment just to get that one area of hair removed permanently with IPL and Laser? cause MY GOD if i do get it all done its gonna take years!! I would also like to know if anyone knows of any good specialist to go to in Perth, Australia.