Please help. Horrible breakout from threading.

Hello. I have been reading the board ever since this has happened to me. On Sunday, I got my eyebrows and sideburns threaded. My eyebrows never react to breakouts and I was expecting a little outbreak from the sideburns as I have done it before, but this time, it is just really horrible and red and itchy. I went to the same girl who always did it for me and she kind of went over board, getting my cheeks and my jawline, when I just said sideburns. Maybe she thought she was doing me a favour because I am pretty hairy. But now look at my face! I was so clear before, I really regret it and wish I could turn back time. Has this happened to anyone? I have been avoiding washing my face and touching it. I don’t know what else to do without making it worse. I have fucidin h hydrocortisone cream but don’t know if that is appropriate for this. Any help or advice? I guess I will go to my dermatologist tomorrow AGAIN. She must be sick of me.

Try an over the counter AHA lotion. Sulfur soaps have worked well for me for white heads also. I like KAVI coral soap. But this does not look serious, and should dry up and go away with in weeks.

Thank you fenix! I will for sure look into sulfur soap.

Sudocrem. apply at night. Say no more. Isn’t fucidin anti fungal…?

Not cleaning your skin with soap and water will only extend the healing period. Cosmetic companies have waged a successful campaign (and won) against soap … they would rather sell you their own expensive products!