Please help!! Could some recommend a good clinic in London England?


Hi there! I was wondering if any of you good people could help me? I’m a 30 year old male with hair on my shoulders and back. I live in London England and am looking for advice on a reputable clinic who know how to operate their equipment. After years of waxing i have decided to take the plunge and go for something a bit more permanent and go for laser treatment. From what I’ve read on this great site light sheer is the way to go for I am fortunate to have dark hairs and fair skin. I was thinking of bare necessity but feel they are more of a production line. Could someone please advice me for this is a big decision in my life and i don’t want to end up with some come cowboy.



i go to the Boston Clinic Baywater for their Coolglide laser they are okay (some of the east european nurses could try smiling sometimes but i think that’s just their manner), but if you’ve got dark hair and light skin the coolglide might be a bit of a waste of time for you, i know they’ve got second branch don’t know if they use a different laser there. You could try the Harley Medical Group they got a good write up last month from Which? magazine when compared to three other clinics (i’ve not heard of the other three but they got a thumbs down). HMG’s web site suggests they’ve got all sorts of lasers, but they don’t publish a price list on line. If u find out that they are reasonably priced let me know and i might be tempted to try them as a change from the Boston.


Well I know for a fact the harley medical group aren’t cheap…in fact I think they’re the most expensive LHR practioners around!

I would second Boston Clinic as their prices are very good but would consider also Body Smooth since they have the lightsheer and coolglide…so they could test either or with you and see which rocked! ahem…

anyway, was also consider laser care clinics as they MAY have the aurora IPL system…



Thanks for your referral Zambo. Have you had treatments at body smooth? I want to make sure i am going to the right place and not wasting my time, money and putting my body on the line. I am considering the light sheer laser as I have fair skin and dark thickish hairs on my back and shoulders which I am desperate to get rid of.