Please explain scabbing on the upper lip.

After my treatment two days ago I now have developed little tiny scabs over every insertion. It was a test on my upper lip so theres only 5 little scabs but It worries me because when I go back for my 15 minute treatment I dont want a whole outline of scabs. Some people say that you should not get scabs at all on the upper lip. I have been using aloe and which hazel and keeping it clean. What should I do about my electrolysis. Should I ask her to turn it down or is scabbing due to negligence. I do have very sensitive skin and she noticed. Maybe she had it on a high setting because I told her about my 14 treatments with the IPL. I also heard the zzzzzzz of the needle when it was in the folicle. I even asked her about scabbing before the treatment and she said some people get it. Please help. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

As I said in your other post string where you asked the same question:

This is a frequent occurrence, however, it is hard to say why you are having this reaction.

It could be the result of your post treatment care, and or sweating in the treatment area, thus putting salt in the wounds. It could have something to do with the equipment she is using, and it could also be an unavoidable consequence of the technique your electrologist is using.

Keep your skin clean and dry for 24 to 72 hours after treatment. Use your Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera Gel, Tea Tree Oil and if needed, Aloe Cortisone.

You should not be hearing sizzling sounds more than once or twice in a treatment. If you are hearing that throughout your treatment, your electrologist is working at too high a setting. What is she using, Blend, or Thermolysis?

By the way, finish filling out your registration profile. There are people on the site who can tell you who is good in your area if we know what your area is!

Yea but in the other post I didnt mention scabs just red dots but they were once red dots and now they are scabs. Okay, so then scabs can just happen and it doesnt mean that she doesnt know what she is doing. She cleaned it good for me and put some cream on it and told me not to touch the area and before bed to wash it and but the aquaphor on it but I wont use it because its an oinment for dry cracked damaged skin …and I heard ointments are not good. I had once used tea tree oil for pimples because it clears them up so I will go and buy some more to put on. I guess I can use tea tree oil immediaty? I will ask her to lower it because I dont want a mustache of scabs. They arent to bad just tiny flat little ones. Its better than having the puss pimples right? I didnt sweat after the tretment but I did put ice on it … could that do anything? Thermolysis is what shes using.

Honestly, all sounds good. From what you described about redness followed by tiny scabs, I’m not concerned. Ice is good for your immediate aftercare and if you want to ice it again in a couple hours that would be fine. Thermolysis is good. Tea tree oil is good. Ice is good. Go buy some clear aloe vera gel and take it with you. Ask her to apply it for you with a Q-tip immediately after. Sounds like she catophorese’s (runs the roller over the area after treatment) and she can cataphores using the aloe vera gel.

Ask her to turn down the intensity because you want to minimize or eliminate the scabbing part. Do you know if she uses a gold or an insulated probe?


Dee Im glad you came here! I didnt ask her about the needles and I know I should have. That will be the first thing I ask her on Monday. Which ones are better? I went and bought the green aloe because I went to walgreens late at night and thats all they had. I will go to a health store this weekend and buy the tea tree oil and I am asuming that the aloe will be clear clear (not green) and say 100% Aloe Vera? I am going to dicuss with her turning it down. I am so happy to hear from U and James that its not to much to worry about. The needle that is used, is it small? The scabs are small but you would think that they would be realy, really small because needles are thin. Once or twice she would go to pluck the hair and it didnt slide out so she shocked it again do u think that its possible that those were the ones that scabed up? She did a 5 minute treatment and I have 4 scabs. I dont know how she plans on clearing it in 15 minutes.

Probes are a matter of choice for an electrologist. I personally like the ballet gold probes and use them a lot. For certain clients hair situation, I will grab an insulated probe, but I know that I need to adjust the intensity for these insulated probes. It’s more common to hear that ZZZZZZZZZ sound if you don’t choose lower levels. I never use stainless steel. Double insertons could increase the redness and scabbing features you see.

I know you can work with her. Give her a chance to refine things, but do be a part of this process and give her feedback. If she is defensive, tell her thank you just the same and move on. You live in a Chicago suburb if I remember correctly, so I’m sure there are others you can try out if things don’t go well.


If she is in Chicago, we have a few people listed in our referral section out there, including a teacher and a few of her prized students. Unlike most, you may find that you are “spoiled for choice”.

I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicagi, IL. I live by Oakbrook, bloomingdale and melrose Park.

Put that in your profile then. Those who don’t see this exact post won’t know that, and won’t be able to help you, or ask you questions.

I go to Liz Stapleton now. I am looking for someone new but not in chicago. I put where I lived in my profile. Im just concerned that whoever I go to I will get the same reaction. When I was having the IPL it was a little red for about 10 minutes afterwards. I have very fair skin and redness in my checks. I have a tattoo on my back that scared and when I get scratched it scars. I was reading the posts by vanessa80 and she had the same problems and switching people didnt help. Does anyone think its possible that this is just the way my body reacts or is she inserting wrong. The second treatment looked the same as the first just way worse because there were 20 more insertions which made 20 more scabs. Liz was on a refferal site so I dont really know if thats a good source. She turned it down and it still turned out bad. What should I feel when the probe is being inserted? Why couldnt james or dee live by me???

In general we say here that you should go to a few electrologists. That’s the only way to really learn if the problem is them or it’s you. But also, I don’t think you can expect someone to work perfectly on you right off the bat, especially when you have sensitive skin. (I know, because I’m in the same boat!) Your electro was saying all the right things in response to your reaction, so that’s a plus. You could give her one more chance, to see if she can refine further. It’s a learning process, a relationship.

Or you could just start trying out a few electrologists to see if you find someone you like better. Post here what each one was like and you’ll get great advice!

I have another appointment with her novmber 14 becasue she wants to try the blend method. I am only going to do a trial and have her do just a couple of hairs to see what happens with it. Any suggestions?