please any suggestions welcome

i am a 21 years old male with skin type that rarely burns out in the sun. I have had 5 treatments on my back and chest at advanced laser clinics. After my 5 treatments i took off 6 months i began seeing more regrowth every month. Because i bought 5 treatments advanced laser clinics gave me a 2 year garentee. Since the 6 months that i took off i have had 5 more treatments. The laser technition told me my regrowth was because of the low settings becasue i still had a tan and also these areas take more than 5 treatments. i now have no tan and the last two treatments were set at 40 jules. I am wondering if 40 jules is a high setting for a lightsheer laser and if i should expect some beter results. I have only 2 treatments left before my gurentee expires. I am just wasting my time or could i possibly turn the results around because the laser is in the 40s. Thank you

While you are at it, would you please post here, if you have it, the exact language of your guarantee, the total price you paid, and the number of treatments that will have been covered under the contracted period. This will help others see a real world cost analysis of an actual contract, and what it delivered.

Fluence of 40 jules is only a part of the equation. What is the spot size of the laser?
40joules at 8mm spot size is much less energy compared to 16joules at 18mm spot size.