I am caucasian female, 31 years old, pale skin and very coarse dark hair on chin and upperlip.

Please help! I have been reading all of these posts and everyone is saying different things.

Is Electrolosis or laser better in your opinions?

And…Which is the best type of each to use?

I need to get my hair removed immediately, since I am starting to get scars from 20 years of plucking my beard (I must have about 500 hairs down there).
Thank you!!!

hi. i wish i could give you the answer you’re hoping for, but i can’t. no one can. you ask 20 people on this board which is best, laser or electrolysis, and you’ll get 20 different answers. i think the only thing we’d all agree on is that you need to stop plucking right now. it’ll only make it harder to get rid of the hair. also, if you haven’t yet, get some hormone tests done. it helps to know the underlying problem.

as far as what method to try, i’ll tell you what i’ve been doing and why, but i’m sure others will recommend different approaches.

like you, i have light skin and thick, dark hair on my chin and neck. i’ve spent a decade plucking. never again. first, i switched to a testosterone-surpressing contraceptive pill called dianette. my hormone levels are fine, but the doc said that it’s possible that i’m just more sensitive to their effect. hence the new pill.

a couple months ago i’ve started a course of 8 laser treatments (lightsheer). i’ve had two so far, and the hair reduction is very noticible. no more dark shadows. i still have to shave every few days, but it only takes a minute. once i’m done with the 8 treatments, i plan on having some electrolysis to get rid of whatever hair is left.

here’s why i chose laser: i’ve had some electrolysis before. it’s very time consuming and actually more expensive than laser. the most important factor, however, is that i had to let the hair grow out for 2-3 days before each treatment. that meant that i would spend those days sitting at home, too embarrassed to show my face (thank god my husband is so great and understanding). with laser, my face is quite red and nasty looking for a couple hours after the treament. i spend that afternoon at home, but by the next day, i can put on a bit of makeup and i’m ready to go out. no more hiding.

if you have the time and patience for electrolysis, then go for it. at the end of the day, it’s pretty much guranteed to work. laser isn’t. i’ll just give you one piece of advice. it took one lightsheer treatment to get rid of that nasty dark shadow. i could shave in the morning and spend the rest of the day outside without any makeup. get rid of the shadow and then get electrolysis.

good luck and remember to post updates!